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The Boy Who Cried to a Wolf Paper

The wolf leant over and whispered into the young boys ear (I don’t know why because the nearest ears were over a mile away so whatever they had to say was quite private). Williams face broadened in delight at the thought of getting revenge on all of those who had ignored him. It seemed that the wolf had sparked an evil streak in the boy. William walked home as the sun was setting and the moon was becoming more prominent. As he walked through the door his mother barrage began. “I hope you apologised to Mr Sykes today.

” His mother had now pushed William over the edge and now he had flipped, “Listen mother. ” his tone was maniacal and tinged with sarcasm, “I don’t care what you think, and I didn’t steal from the orchard. Now give me my dinner… please. ” Mrs Hallwater looked ready to explode. William picked up an apple and a piece of bread and strolled upstairs shouting “GOODNIGHT” on the way. William was dragged out of bed at 7 o’clock the next morning both his mother and his father carried him out of the house. Instead of protesting though, William seemed rather pleased at his parents’ actions.

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They arrived at Mr Sykes orchard Mrs Hallwater clasping William’s left wrist and Mr Hallwater his right. “Now, you are going to apologise to Mr Sykes today, aren’t you? ” William’s father seemed distracted and wanted to get this over with and get back to his shoes. William said nothing but a crazed grin remained on his face as they entered Mr Sykes house. They entered and Mrs Hallwater was quick to cry out, “Mr Sykes, we’re here, my son has come to apologise. ” The chair in the corner spun round and the wolf said slyly. “Oh, excellent I do hate it when those pesky children steal from my orchard.

” Mr and Mrs Hallwater’s jaws dropped as they saw the wolf picking his teeth with a small human bone. William’s grin turned into uncontrollable laughter, each chuckle stabbed at his parent’s hearts. “So I hear you don’t give your son enough attention. Well don’t worry you wont be his parents much longer. ” The wolf ripped through the Hallwater parents ravenously. William’s eyes widened in delight, he could now freely express himself without the burden of his parents. The wolf finished up his full English breakfast and said to William. “Shall we depart? “

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