Barangay Information Management System

Significance of the Study

-This survey was made to happen out that the usage of abode information system will decrease the clip for the dealing of encoding. Besides in utilizing this system it can acknowledge the individual involve in this survey. To the Barangay – It will assist for them to decrease the clip for the dealing of encoding. The system will be the nose count like holding a system of the barangay for all of its components and new people who will populate in the topographic point.

The system will be effectual in keeping. seeking and hive awaying of records of all occupant in the barangay.

Barangay Information System

To the Residence – For they will be accommodated easy for they will hold an designation that can be used to entree their histories if there are some alterations to be done in their portion. It will besides be easy for them in bespeaking some information and services because the barangay had already hold it.

This will besides guarantee the occupants that their information is decently secured and maintain through the use of the proposed system.

To the Secretary of the Barangay – It will assist to form the record and supervise the information of the abode.


For farther apprehension of the survey. the research workers made usage of different reading stuffs related to the information system. These stuffs such as books. magazines. newspapers. thesis and other web articles are indispensable in broadening the cognition of the research workers. These will besides steer the research workers to accomplish their mark aims by acquiring thoughts on other related surveies and do betterments as possible.

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Harmonizing to Jennifer Rowley ( 2005 ) . information system are a tool to back up information direction.

Information systems are progressively being used in organisations with the object of supplying competitory advantage. The information systems used by organisations can be grouped into different types such as dealing processing system. executive information system. adept systems and office information systems. Information Technology has heralded the coming of the information society.

The University of Minnesota Research and Training Center has released its one-year Residential Information Systems Project study. The study provides state-by-state statistics with long-run tendencies on residential services. scenes. populations and expenditures for people with developmental disablements in province. nonstate. and Medicaid-funded residential plans. Features of occupants. motion and staffing forms in big province residential installations are included.

The study uses 2012 information to analyze tendencies in residential supports for people with developmental disablements. The study found that the bulk of people with IDD that do non populate with a household member live in a scene with three or fewer people with IDD. with more than three-fourths sharing a place with six of fewer people. The study notes that there are important differences in the informations between provinces for many subject countries. including puting size. waiting lists. and mean outgos for HCBS. O’Brien. ( 2011 ) defines information system as the organized combination of people. hardware. package. communicating webs and informations resources. that control. transform and disseminateinformation in an organisation.

In partial fulfillment for the demands in Software Project presented to the module of IT Department

Ebora. Vanessa Grace I.Casas. Lori Anne S.Rapisora. Sheryl L.Tambongco. Steven

Chapter 1The Problem and Its BackgroundIntroduction

Puting of the StudyThe survey was conducted at Barangay Katipunan-Bayani which has a approximative popul. ation of 8. 000 occupants. The barangay is located at Rodriguez Ave. Tanay. Rizal.

Vicinity map of Barangay Katipunan-Bayani

Theoretical Model

Conceptual Model

Statement of the Problem

This discuss about the jobs of bing system that will be resolve by the research worker through computerized Residence Information Sysytem1. Open- beginning informations2. Back-up storage incase of loss3. Time consuming of registering application signifier4. Sharing of paperss5. File storage

AimsGeneralThe research worker aims to develop a system that will assist the client to cut down the burden of the barangay staffs in salvaging the occupants files.

Specific1. Have a security to secured all the of import records of the occupants.2. Have a back-up storage file in instance of perverting informations.3. Have a network-based for easy transferring of file needed.4. Have a information base for informations storage.

Scope and Restriction

The system is designed to hold a security for the records to be secured that merely the authorised individual can merely manage the system. It can be saved on a booklet for file back-up. It has informations base for storage of saved informations. It can publish paperss such as Barangay Clearance. Indigency etc.

The system can non bring forth difficult transcript of entire records of barangay components. it did non incorporate abode figure.

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Barangay Information Management System
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