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Thesis Statement: Today, brought in my old hockey stick that represents the impact that the game has had on me as a person and how the game has strengthened my relationships with people. D. Main Points: 1. First, I will explain the importance of the game of hockey and how it has helped me personally. 2. Second, I will share with you how have become even closer with family members through this game. 3. Finally, I will explain why chose to bring this stick over any other stick or piece of equipment.

II. Body A.

Essay Example on Personal Artifact Speech Examples

The game has done a great deal to help me become a better person. 1 . At a young age hockey taught me how to stay committed to something and how to work as a team. Hockey also trained me to become a leader. These are great skills to have especially at a young age and they have continued to pay dividends for me, as I grow older.

2. These skills have made high school and now college a little easier for me. Leadership and teamwork are essential in the business world, so as a business student here at UCM I am grateful to have learned these skills at a young age.

Transition: Now that I have told you how the game has helped me as a person, I will now share how the game has brought me even closer with family members. B. I have become very close with my Dad through the game of hockey.

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The game also brought me very close to my Grandpa before he died. 1 . You would never be able to tell through all the arguments and yelling but hockey made my dad and I best friends. As a young kid we would always go to Wings games. As I started playing travel he decided to be my first coach.

By the time was playing in high school he was my biggest fan screaming louder for me than all the other fans combined. 2. My Pop, grandpa in German, also became very close with me through the game of hockey. He called himself the equipment manager. He always made sure I had new gear when I needed it and never missed one game Of mine in 10 years. Transition:Now that I have explained how have became very close tit loved ones through the game I will share with you the reason I chose to bring this stick over any other equipment to represent me. C.

As told you my grandfather was a huge part of my hockey career. 1. Unfortunately at 82 years old my Pop passed away. But even when he wasn’t in great health he found a way to help me and still be the equipment manager he always was. 2. This stick was the last thing he got me. Broke my stick in the last game of my senior year before playoffs. Even though he know I could possibly only play one more game if we lost in the first round of playoffs he went out and pent over $200 to get me the same stick had broke because he knew it was my favorite one.

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