Animal Identification Methods

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Two plastic or metal objects with identical but individual numbers than other animals on them are joined through animal’s ear. The animal gets two identical tags for both ears. To identify individual animals, to record and trace their life since the moment they born to their death. The procedure might cause stress and pain. Possibility to lose tag. Freeze Branding Horses, cattle To brand using the freezing technique the iron is cooled to a temperature of between -160 to -ICC.

The branding iron is then pressed onto a shaved patch of skin on the animal.

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Is manly used by farmers to identify animal ownership. Causes pain and stress. Marking is permanent. Ear punching Mainly Rodents. Could be used on cats and dogs. Using a special punch to produce a small (O,5-mm) notch near the edge of the ear or make a hole in the middle of the ear. Must be disinfected after procedure.

To identify rodents. Manly used in laboratories. Causes pain and stress – permanent. The microchip Cats, dogs, rabbits, most of the zoo animals, sometimes wild animals and birds.

The microchip is implanted under an animal’s skin, and transmits a unique alphanumerical code when energies by the radio signal generated a scanner. To identify lost pets Or Other animals. To identify and track animals in the wild Can cause stress and pain. Permanent method of identification. Chip might move under the skin. Identification collars Companion animals The collar is placed around the neck and in most cases has small metal tag with animal information.

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To identify individual animals, helps to find the owners of lost animals and provides key information about the pet.

Can be easily lost. Can cause damage to animal or suffocation. Acoustic tag Fish Small tag is inserted in abdominal cavity of the fish. To record fish migration and monitor fish behavior. Can cause infection and stress, in most cases the method is permanent. Ear marking (agriculture) Pigs, goats, sheep, cattle and dear. Using a special punch produce small unique notch near the edge of the ear. To identify ownership or individual animals. Causes pain and stress. Can cause infection. Permanent. Tattooing Farm animals, dogs and cats.

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