Andre's Mother Summary

The drama. Andre’s Mother. by Terrence McNally is a narrative about accepting decease and is based in a narrative about a immature adult male who died before stating his female parent that he was gay ; go forthing the man’s spouse to interrupt the intelligence and to inform the female parent about how much he missed seeing her and his fright of being rejected by her. in the clip before his decease. The subject of this narrative is to populate life mundane with no declinations.

Throughout the symbols and mentions you begin to understand the life of Andre.

The white balloon represents allowing travel and go forthing a immature adult male in peace. The silence of his female parent shows that she ne’er accepted his sexual penchant. While Hamlet references the battles of his mundane life. The white balloon in the drama Andre’s Mother is a symbol of Andre’s psyche. Cal speaks about the white balloons stating.

“They represent the psyche. When you let travel. it means you’re allowing his psyche ascend to Heaven. that you’re willing to allow travel. Interrupting the last earthly ties” ( McNally 737 ) .

Mother To Son Symbolism

Andre is stating that the white balloons are Andre’s psyche and that when you release them. you’re willing to allow travel of all the incorrect and allow him rest in peace. Penny. Cal’s sister. and Arthur. Cal’s pa let travel of the balloon without vacillation. After let go ofing their balloons Cal reluctantly admits.

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“I’m non ready yet” ( McNally 737 ) . This is because Cal still couldn’t Lashkar-e-Taiba travel and still had declinations. The balloon being white represents pureness. Leting spell of the white balloon meant that after all that was said. Andre was now clear and pure once more.

I believe that white balloon represented allowing spell of Andre and allowing his psyche remainder in peace with no declinations and nil left unexpressed. Andre’s mother’s silence throughout the drama proved to us she did non accept her son’s homosexualism. Cal tells Andre’s female parent how much Andre missed her and longed for her credence. He gets finished with his harangue and still no response from Andre’s female parent. Cal gets huffy and answers. “It’s Irish bull. It’s all Irish bull. [ Still No response ] ” Her silence shows that she is non accepting of Andre’s sexual penchant.

At the terminal of the drama Andre’s ma with her ain struggles releases the balloon. The drama write quotation marks. “He goes. Andre’s female parent stands entirely keeping her white balloon. Her lips tremble. She looks on the brink of interrupting down. She looks at it awhile before she gently kisses it and lets go of the balloon…” I believe at that point that Andre’s female parent forgave her boy and was willing to pass over the slate clean by let go ofing the white balloon and allowing Andre’s psyche remainder in peace. Andre’s mother’s silence throughout the drama shows that she ne’er accepted her son’s gender.

Even though she wasn’t accepting she allow her son remainder in peace and allow his psyche ascend to heaven. Andre’s love of theatre and the drama Hamlet gave us an penetration to his life. At the beginning of the drama Cal expresses Andre’s love of theater. Cal expresses. “God. how much he wanted to play Hamlet once more. He would hold gone to Timbuktu to hold another spell at that portion. The summer he did in Boston. he was so happy! ” ( McNally 736 ) . This mention to Hamlet. I believe showcases the battles Andre went through. Andre struggled with decision-making and avoiding things. as did Hamlet.

Hamlet struggled whether to revenge his male parent and struggled with the determination that he had been avoiding. This is besides evident when Cal brings up Andre’s great public presentation stating. “You should hold come up the summer he plated Hamlet. He was magnificent” ( McNally 738 ) . I believe the Hamlet mention was to showcase Andre and his internal battles. McNally uses strong a strong sense of symbolism throughout the narrative. First by keeping a white balloon. the characters were holing a representation of Andre’s life and the memories that they each had of him.

By let go ofing the balloon. they were allowing spell of the unhappiness of his decease and for some. the secret he’d been maintaining from his household. This besides represented the crossing over of Andre. In the narrative. Andre was afraid of being rejected by his female parent. whose silence throughout the drama proves that she was incapable of offering credence to his homosexualism. With Andre’s love of the theatre and specifically Hamlet. he is associating himself to one of the most accepted internal battles of the theatre universe.

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