My Work Experience Diary

It was my first day of work experience, (I worked at the Morrisons head office at the Cutler Heights Division) I woke up at 8:00a. m, and I got ready and went downstairs and ate breakfast. I went to my work experience with my brother in his car, I got there on time, I was nervous and thought it was going to be boring but it was quite interesting really. I went inside and the receptionist told me to sit down while she called someone.

A man named Mike came and took me into the administration department and into his office. (He was the company accountant).

He told me all about the company and what it does and what I was going to do. I had my own desk with a computer. I started off with some filing and later on I did some production orders on the computer. There were 7 people in the same as room as me. They were friendly and kind to me.

I finished at approximately 3:00, the senior clerk (whose name was Angela) told me I had done a good job and I could go home. I was working next to a motorway and had to go through tunnels to get to the bus stop. At first I couldn’t find the bus stop but after ten minutes I found it and had to wait for about five minutes before the bus came.

Diary Essay Example

I got on and I found out that the bus was going the other way from which I came in the morning, but I thought he might be going another way so I sat down.

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I was worried I might be going somewhere else so I thought I should ask him, when I asked him he told me “Huddersfield”. I told him to let me off at the next bus stop and asked him where the bus stop to Bradford was. He told me and I got off and I had to walk quite a long way back, but I found the bus stop straight way and got on, this time I asked the bus driver where the bus was going and he told me Bradford. I was relieved, I sat down and got home fifteen – twenty minutes later.

The next day, I woke up earlier because I had to go on the bus. I didn’t want to go because I was tired but I managed to get up and get ready. I got at my workplace on time. I went to my desk and sat down and waited for the Angela to come and tell me what work I should do. I started off doing some lot number accounting that was just sorting out some lot numbers. I did that for most of the day and did some typing on the computer later on; I was bored to death and shattered at the end of the day. I went straight home and went to sleep for a few hours. The next few days were the same, I felt like not coming but I thought I might as well.

On the last day of the first week the manager Karen asked me, “how I was settling in and if I liked the work or not. ” I said, “It’s alright”. I was happy at the end of the day when I went home so I could go home and relax. The next week on Monday, I wasn’t feeling too well, so I decided not to go, so I stayed at home and watched TV and played on my computer. II phoned and told my manager that I wasn’t coming in and she said it was fine and told me that she hoped I would be better tomorrow. The next two days I went to work and did similar work on both days, which were typing, and some filing.

On Thursday I went quite late because I overslept and Angela was talking to Karen, when I went in I was a bit nervous because I thought she might ask me why I came late but when I went in Angela looked at her watch and gave Karen a glance to tell her that I was late but Karen didn’t notice her. She just came over and gave me some paper to sort out. Later on when everyone had gone to lunch, Angela came to me and asked me why I came late, I told her that I overslept and I apologized to her. She said if this was a real job, the manager would’ve given me a warning and some bosses may even throw me out.

The rest of the day I did some production orders and went home before 3:00 because everyone was finishing early so I got home early. The next day I made sure I went in early and they were all working when I went in, I went to the desk and started doing the work that was already on the desk. At break everyone went to get a snack from the canteen but I was fasting so I had to stay. Karen asked me how I’d liked the job and I said it was very good. I did some filing and accounting and finished at 3:00 and said goodbye to everyone and I left and took one last look at the Morrisons Company and left smiling.

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