Junk food is healthy for you

Eating junk food makes you healthy ”

When people think about junk food they automatically think about obese people and excessive weight gain. This my friend is very far from true . What if I told you that junk food can make you skinny , Would you take time out to hear me out ? Well my friend, you’re in for a lucky treat . Junk food is beneficial in EVERYBODY’s life , without junk food what is life really ? What’s the point of living without junk food ? THERE IS NO POINT BECAUSE JUNK FOOD IS LIFE!!!! Healthy food items are always the focus of attention in every adult to child speech.

there are certain “healthy” food items that are overrated. Our parents/guardians always tell us how they’re very against eating junk food because of its bad effects but there are some hidden health benefits of junk food. It’s fascinating right?! Here are some intriguing facts about junk food that once you learn them you will be convinced that it is great for your body and not only is it great it is also very fun !!

The ingredients of junk food contain rich nutrients which help in fighting against certain seasonal diseases.

Let me tell you what are the nutrients available in different varieties of junk food. Pizza & Burger are preferable junk foods of millennials. Pizza contains some ingredients such as cheese, tomato sauce, vegetables, meat and whole wheat or part whole wheat crust which has high nutritional value.1.Cheese:contains a high amount of protein which helps to build up muscles.

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The large quantities of fat present in it helps to gain weight, especially for those people who are too skinny.Try cheesy pizzas to gain some weight.2.Tomato sauce: Tomato sauce is very rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, C, and antioxidants. These antioxidants help to reduce the risk of cancer.3.Vegetables:vegetables contain rich amount of vitamins, minerals & fiber that are really good for health.4. Meat: Meat consists of high amounts of protein which help to increase our protein levels in our body. Junk food can be harmful to the body , if not consumed properly or too much of it is consumed.But what most people fail to understand is that junk food actually contains different kinds of nutrients the body needs. Nutritionist Dr Aleva K Mkaynao at the university of California states “junk food or junky food choices ? For every bit of junk food we consume there is a small amount of nutrients that we consume along with the junk food. For example vitamins A,B6,B2,C,folate,calcium,protein,and iron. These important elements are actually in junk food, a source of food that people believe to be very harmful to the body.” Junk foods are often recognized for their negative results , but what people fail to know is that there are also many good benefits . Junk food does not only provide people with nutrients that the body requires to keep bones, muscles, and the brain strong but junk food can also help economical Benefits. Economical Benefits Such as saving you time on your lunch break , most people don’t have the time to make their lunch everyday, with junk food it is convenient and affordable and you just gained that 20 extra minutes in the morning that you craved and needed so bad to just relax! Junk food is very convenient when you are working those extra late hours and just need something to give you the energy to pull you through the rest of those BORING, EXHAUSTING and FRUSTRATING hours .

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Junk food is healthy for you
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