Biological Interpretation of Physical Education

While studying Physical Education and Human Biology at A level, my passion in sport and its relation with the human body has continued to grow and develop. As a keen sportsman I want to develop a career in the sports industry, using the knowledge gained through study to enhance my opportunities in this exciting area.

I have also become more and more interested in the multiple factors influencing the performance of a person engaged in sport, from an occasional participant, through to club level and onto elite level athletes.

These are factors that we have been investigating in detail through A level Physical Education.

Studying Chemistry and Human Biology at A Level has developed my practical skills further, as a result of the many and varied experiments conducted in the laboratory. Additionally, I have gained valuable analysis and evaluation skills through this practical work, due to the need to analyse and evaluate the data retrieved from experiments, and interpreting this data into a meaningful conclusion.

Human Biology has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the human body in many different ways, including how the human body operates, the factors which can influence it, and the way it responds to exercise.

Of particular interest to me are the different aspects of sport science, for example, how performance is influenced by external factors such as nutrition and training, how psychology, biomechanics, and physiology contribute to an individual’s success, and the role of sports and physical health in the context of quality of life.

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The continued study of these subjects will enable me to better understand success factors, which can mean the difference in performance between two similar athletes. Furthermore, expertise in these areas will help me to understand how to leverage these different influences to achieve improved performance.

As an active member of my local Squash Club, I am involved in the committee, helping organise league matches, tournaments and external match competitions with other clubs. This has proved to be valuable experience in terms of learning to organise, communicate and run different types of events, whilst being a committed player myself.

Other sports I am interested in include swimming, tennis and mountain-biking. My general interest in various sports has given me an insight into their discrete demands, their conception, and their physical and mental requirements. I have come to understand, however, that there are fundamental scientific principles which are the same for all sports.

Recently I spent two weeks with French friends in France, and discovered that my interest in sport has been a useful way of meeting new people and improving my language skills. As a result my French has significantly improved.

I have developed other skills that will benefit me at university through part-time work at my local supermarket. These involve serving and interacting with customers, cash handling, working with others as part of team and the need for efficient and effective work. I have received several “shining stars” from my employers in recognition of my part in the success of their operation.

Continued study in the field of Sports and Exercise Science will be a challenge that I look forward to as I am determined to further develop my understanding with a view to pursuing a successful career in the Sports Industry. Studying at university will help build and develop the skills I have gained to date and will enable me to make an informed decision about which specific career path I wish to pursue.

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Biological Interpretation of Physical Education
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