A Movie Review of Dreamkeeper: A Good, But Not Great, Depiction of American Indians

The reason why I enjoyed watching Dreamkeeper was that the movie is informative and visual effects are attractive. The writer of Dreamkeeper, John Fusco, did a successful job. The movie helps us understand the true history of the American Indian. There are several different characters in the movie and this makes it much more interesting. Eagle Boy (Chaske Spencer), Shane (Eddie Spears), Grandpa (August Schellenberg) etcetera. Characters have different roles in stories.

Eagle Boy, Blue Bird Woman, High Horse, Powwow Girl are Indian people and they have different stories.

All of the characters have struggles and their stories give us life lessons. The movie is a story that has mini-stories inside of it. Dreamkeeper is an appropriate movie for all ages. Stories have different endings, different characters but the same meaning. It has taken 2,500 Native Americans to make 10 stories come alive. It is really big and accomplished working.

“After the first day, I came home and said this man [director Steve Vorron] is not making television, he is making a movie,” Schellenberg says “For an actor, that is such a treat nowadays.

So many directors just wing it… Everything was in [Canadian] province of Alberta. It was wonderful. We had snow when we needed it and rain when we needed it. The spirits were with us.”

Grandpa is a storyteller and his goal is to go to Powwow and tell stories about their Indian culture and history. Shane is Grandpa’s grandson and he has some trouble owing money to bad guys.

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He takes a journey with his grandfather and with some unexpected guests. Grandpa believes in traditions but the teenage boy, Shane, believes in today. During the time they spend together they have adventures, emotional moments and unexpected events. Grandpa: It has been said that the young people of today are our warriors of tomorrow. I look at you and say, we’re in big trouble. Shane: You know, sometimes you can be a mean old man.

The movie was made a long time ago, but even so, the visual effects are satisfying. Dreamkeeper movie won 3 awards:

  • 2003, American Indian Film Festival: Best Film
  • 2004, Emmy Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special
  • 2004 Humanitarian Award-John Fusco-First Americans in the Arts

Filming lasted four months and took place in Canada. Some scenes involved shooting of 1,500 Buffalo. “They’ll be wondering how the heck we did that,” said T.J. Bews. “They wanted us to do things that I didn’t think were humanly possibles” said the wrangler on a promotional making-of- the film interview. As for me, I give Dreamkeeper a 7 of 10. Good but not great, in other words.

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