World War Z Analysis

Great films and books have a tremendous amount of detailed scenes filled with gore and effects, hero-like characters, and emotional and morals to escalate plot. Without giving away what is happening next, the author and director of World War Z uses foreshadowing to hint us toward some new events that we may not have seen coming. Meanwhile, tapping into our inner fantasies.

The author, Max Brooks, uses a tremendous amount of very detailed scenes when he is trying to keep his readers caught up with the plot.

He also uses morals to intrigue his readers. An example of this is when the narrator is interviewing Paul Redeker. He asks Redeker about what he plans on doing to help people better understand what is being contracted and spread all over the world. Keeping in mind that Redeker is a soldier that tries to see people as at least half decent, while he is sent out to try and save them. During his interview he explains how he cannot save everyone, and that he is not planning on saving a large group of people.

He also informed us about his plan that everyone had to be moved to safe zones. And those who were not able to be saved, since you cannot save everyone, were to be moved into isolated. Another example of morals being completely forgotten is when Gerry Lanes family was kicked off of the ship because they thought that he was dead and did not fulfill their wishes of him finding a cure for the zombie outbreak.

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The director, Marc Forster, uses emotional scenes to get his audience invested into the plot. He also uses special effects and character development to escalate the plot. Into, ultimately having the viewer wanted to know more and to keep watching to see how it all ends. The characters in the film were not all the same as in the book. The film focused on one character’s family and his journey as an associate of the UN. This particular character, Gerry Lane, is dissected with every movement he makes. He is the main character, but also has the fate of everyone else’s lives in his hand, not to mention his family’s. This character also had a well known sense for family value. He was always thinking about his family and everyone else’s families that were still sane. This helped most viewers focus on the plot at hand. An example of this is at the end of the film when Gerry Lane and his family are reunited. Many people can relate to this films sense of family and its appeal to emotion.

All in all, I concluded that the film had a better way of getting to and end. Many of the scenes were switched for better and more intense ones. In an entertaining way, very much appreciated by the viewers, new scenes added to the film gave the viewers a sense of relief. I believe that World War Z is a successful directors opinions to movie adaptation.

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