Written by Doris Lessing To Room Nineteen

Was published in 1978, “To Room Nineteen” is a fictional short story in which the author handles the subject of the typical, conservatist roles forced upon women in twentieth century in the United Kingdom, and how it affects Susan Rawlings’ psychological state throughout the story. Susan and Matthew Rawlings’ marriage, which is the first and the most important thing that is written about in the story that gives the reader a major hint on why Susan becomes more depressive and suicidal as the story goes on.

Their marriage was founded on sensibility and practicality. Therewithal, they were known as the perfect couple amongst their friends and their marriage was regarded as “obviously expected”, as both had similar personalities. Although they already had flats of their own, after marrying, it felt like moving to a new house is better as this makes it clear that this is a new beginning. Because they had children look after and house chores to do, Susan had to resign from her job though she didn’t want to but it was the practical approach.

With work out of her life, she searches for a thing to cling on to for the rest of her life. She decides on her love for her husband, and his love for her.

However, when kids grow up enough to go to school, Susan for the first time in almost a decade, experiences loneliness. Even though, she still has responsibilities, she finds enough time to question her life choices. A t first, that little span of time seems like freedom to her, she finds it so pleasurable that she couldn’t wait her children to go to school so she could, again, be with herself, sewing.

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However it did not last long as she felt like it was not enough. There are still responsibilities following her. She are still playing a role of a mother and a wife, which are a burden on her back. In addition to these scary thoughts running through her head.

One day, back from work, Matthew confesses to Susan that he commited adultery. She forgives her as she thinks that it doesn’t matter because they loved each other no matter what and th e only thing, the woman Matthew slept with getting was Matthew’s body. His soul was Susan’s. However with each day, Susan becomes more and more absent from the lives of her children and her handsome husband. Furthermore, wanting to be alone so much that she even spends her all day staying in a spare room on the top of the house which later is going to be called “Mother’s room”. Being alone with her thoughts, she experiences an identity crisis, trying to remember who she was before marrying to Matthew Roslings and what she used to do when she was free.

With the suggestion of her husband she decides to go on a holiday to wales just by herself. Then returns with the idea of having an “au pair” girl so as to get rid of even more responsibilities such as looking after kids, cooking or cleaning the house. Eventually she convinces her husband so the n ext day she goes on to select one to take home with her. After settling everything, Susan announced that she will be out until tea time. She goes to Paddington and looks for hotels to spend some private time. She finds “Fred Hotel” and negitiotes with it’s owner Fred to be able to stay just herself and she kind of convinces him that she is not a prostitute.

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