Working a 5K Walk and Run Event

The Scheels Sk—bunny run-walk took place on March 30, 2013 at Dakota Meadows Middle School at about 9 in the morning. Scheels and Event management class organize this event this program focuses mainly in conducting activities to benefit Leisure Education For Exceptional People (LEEP). This agency has benefits most people in Mankato, Minnesota, and other places all across the United States It is a very essential event because it brings back livelihood for most of it participants. This event has been around for almost four years, and it‘s been a great honor for me to be part of a great group of people that manage the event.

This year the event brings about over four hundred participants’ race entries compared to last year, which on brings about three hundred»race entriesi So this year is by far a great achievement for. Scheels and the event management class team put the event together.  More than forty-five stores and agencies sponsored the Scheels Sk-bunny run-walks the event management class did a great job in doing all the publicity necessary for the event to reach the success level of planning and organizing events As a group we write out letters, and went to stores and agencies to introduce to mangers the event and ask them to sponsor or/and donate something to the cause of the event.

For an event like this to be successful it needs to look professional, trustworthy and knows what they doing, Kayla Altmann who was in charge of coordinating the SK Eventr did pretty awesome job in leading the group as a whole.

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We work as a group and each of one of us has an individual assignment to covert On the whole, dividing the tasks was beneficial for everyone in the team. Designing the event flyers play a big role in making the event a big success. It has to be stand out, and clear for everyone to see it, the flyer design of the scheels 5k-bunny run- walk was great. However, there are some parts in the flyer that should be more obvious to people to see while they are walking, remember that they may not have much time to focus on your add. The team created a list of stores and agencies names. These lists were very helpful; it helped us to spread out the flyers and promotions letters very fast in each part of the town, in order to make the perfect use of time to all members.

Also, it was a great idea sending a weekly flow chart from the coordinator to members. This technique helped the group to the flow up with the worked that needed to be done over a period of time there are many things helped us to bring the event to the expected level of professional planning, the most important factor that led us to go out with a positive result from this event is breaking up the main tasks into sub tasks, so each member of the team will have chance to help out. The event went smoothly because the group did awesome job in running the event. As group, we have arranged meetings to meet with all group members and get some tasks done. With not including the class meeting time, the group should meet outside of the class at least six times, in order to bring the event togetherr. The other effectiveness key is event marketing it was very effective tool for us to bring more people in to register for the 5K eventsr.

Overall, the team put great effort on the day of the event, we were all motivated to make this event succeed, and eventually, we did. We were enthusiastic to see the group work has paid off on the day of the event, most of the group members if not all of them were there at five in the morning in the event site. Everybody was there to help coordinate and setting up the event site with Tables, Tents, track signs, etc. We had no major problems everything was perfect. After we sit up every section of the event site, the coordinator explained what everyone has to cover. For example, during the event as a group member, my first assigned task was covering the parking lot section. I also helped out with the Scramble event for kids, and this was a wonderful experience for me seeing all these kids so active and enjoying the activity, volunteers are needed, there are the backbones for such these events, during the event and we were looking for people who volunteer to help us out.

Unfortunately, they left a little bit early, I suggest to people who are going to plan for this event next year to put one of the team member in charge of coordinating volunteers. One thing, before the race starts, the coordinator should welcome participants, make sure that each racer have their number in an obvious spot and thank sheels, stores, other agencies that have sponsored the event. To sum up, planning ahead for your event. Do not leave anything to the last minute make sure all team members are on the same page. Ask your coordinator or the following team members if you don’t know how to do something, don not assume, and finally maintain your tasks professionally.

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