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“A Surgical technologist helps specialists, anesthesiologists, enlisted medical caretakers, and different individuals from an operating room group”.(Mckay. Para  .2018)

He or she keeps up with the operating room, sanitizes hardware and gets ready patients for their systems. A Surgical technologist, who may likewise be known as a surgical or operating room specialist or a scrub tech, sanitizes hardware and hands specialists instruments upon their demand. As for Surgical technologist, there are trends in educational and licensing requirements, trends in employment opportunities, job growth and occupation requirements as well as work opportunities in a variety of healthcare settings that will be further discussed.

Educational requirements

Students inspired by turning into a surgical technologist need to finish an informative program that offers both coursework and clinical experience. Such projects prompt the honor of an endorsement, confirmation or a partner’s degree. Even though states don’t require careful technologists to be affirmed, those experts who are credentialed may have more prominent openings for work.

As for the completion “Diploma and certificate programs may be completed in less than a year and a partner’s degree program in two years.” (Schools. Para 2.2018). Also “Coursework incorporates surgeries, pharmacology, medicinal wording, life systems, and physiology. Understudies in partner’s degree programs should also complete general training and science prerequisites.” (Schools. Para 2.2018).

There are “Numerous programs which offer clinical encounters that enable understudies to watch confirmed careful professionals. As understudies advance through a program, they are permitted to work gear in crisis room settings. “The educational program may incorporate turns in surgical specialties, for example, dental, vascular or orthopedic”.

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.” (Schools. Para 3.2018). In this case, studies might need to consider programs that have earned accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). This is the educational requirements for surgical technologist which it might prompt qualification for required certifications.


The certifications indicated by the “U.S. Agency of Labor Statistics (BLS), numerous businesses want to procure careful experts who are certified. (Schools. Para 5.2018). Another certification that “The National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting offers is the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) qualification.” (schools. Para.5,2018). To end up a CST, “people must graduate from a CAAHEP-endorsed program and pass the ensuring exam. The National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) likewise offers a perceived Certification.” (Schools. Para.5,2018). These “certifications have proceeded with instruction necessities that surgical technologist must meet. The CST certification gives people the choice of acquiring 60 credits or retaking the ensuring exam more than four years. The NCCT has comparative recertifying models.” (Schools. Para.5,2018). These are the certifications required to become a Surgical Technologist.

Trends in Employment Opportunities & Job Growth

“The median annual pay for a surgical tech in 2016 was $45,160, as indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In New Jersey surgical tech compensations are considerably higher: the normal surgical technologist in the state earned $50,000 in 2016.” (categories pg.20, 2017) Meaning that in “80% of surgical techs earn somewhere in the range of $31,000 and $62,000; the best 10% of workers made more than $64,000.

As for “The median wage is $21.70 every hour” (categories, pg.20, 2017). Most surgical technologists work all day. Surgical technologists in hospitals may work or be available to come back to work amid evenings, ends of the week, and occasions. Meaning Once in while work requires extended periods or being accessible if the need arises also known as being “on call” and additional time may likewise be a choice. With the anticipated development in this occupation, you can expect that your compensation will keep developing after some time.

Occupational Requirements

Surgical technologists additionally called operating room specialists, aid operational activities. As a surgical technician, they must keep up with operating rooms, and help specialists during medical procedures. The obligations that surgical technician ordinarily do is “get ready working spaces for a medical procedure, clean gear and ensure that there are adequate supplies for a medical procedure’ (Surgical Technologist. Para 1-2, 2018).

The main purpose is ‘getting patients ready for medical procedure, for example, by washing and sanitizing cut locales, and help specialists amid medical procedure by passing them instruments and other clean supplies also consider supplies such wipes and instruments to keep up a sterile situation” (Surgical Technologist. Para 1-2, 2018). These are the functional requirements as a surgical tech.

Work Opportunities

The surgical technician opportunities have a “projected job growth over the next decade is 15%, which is much faster than the American average” (Categories, 2017, para 14). Proceeded with development and advancements in specific parts of medication additionally means there could be a rising interest for medical procedures in particular zones. Also, “as baby boomers hit retirement age, demand for surgery is also likely to rise, since seniors tend to require more operations “ (Categories, 2017, para 15). This leads to “the new generation of seniors who are also more likely to undergo those operations”(Categories, 2017, para 15). These are the work opportunities for a surgical technician in healthcare settings.

Availability of education programs in the D.C. metropolitan area and cost of training

There is over 241 Availability of education programs in the D.C. metropolitan area. The “cost of surgical technologist training programs is generally by the kind of program” (Michaels, 2017, para, 2). Typically “Public universities are generally the least-expensive option, with the total cost ranging from $1,800 to $2,500, which usually includes tuition, supplies, uniforms, books, and test fees” (Michaels, 2017, para, 2).

As for “Adult or trade schools tuition and fees they range from $5,000 to $10,000 and Private schools can cost $22,000 and up” (Michaels, 2017, para, 2). “The time associated with surgical technician training also depends on the type of program.” The “Certificate and diploma programs are nine to twelve months long, and Associate degree programs are usually twelve to twenty-four months-long” (Michaels, 2017, para 3). Overall the cost and type depend on the kind of program a surgical technician enters.

Return on investment and number of current job openings in Northern Virginia (including salary)

As for the return of investment for a surgical technologist, its pay is one area to wind up satisfied. Eventually, once one is finished with their surgical technician program and officially becomes certified, it will be guaranteed that they have brilliant possibilities sitting tight for at the end of the street. A surgical technologist income may not be as significant as precisely what a surgeon or an, even so, the return they are probably going to get hold of is sufficient with the goal that they can appreciate a decent way of life. On an average “a Surgical Technologist earns about in the US is about $44,842 as of October 31, 2018, but the range typically falls between $40,288 and $49,953” (Salary, 2018, para 1). There are over 189 job openings in Northern Virginia. In Virginia “The average salary for a Surgical Technician is $74,436 per year, which is 7% above the national average.” (salaries 2018 para 2).

Advantages and Disadvantages

Being a surgical technologist is compensating for individuals who like commonsense and hands-on work. It is a meaningful job to improve individuals’ lives and proper for people who acknowledge associations among partners and patients and requirements to work in a pleasing noncompetitive condition. Likewise, minimal education is required for this field. Another favorable position as a surgical tech is that the compensation is great. A few difficulties for a surgical technician is that they can work long hours and be “on call “ which impacts a few people’s everyday life. Although there are advantages and disadvantages of being a surgical technician the points of interest compensate for it.

Interview questions and answers

For this interview part, I interviewed Jamal Haddad, a surgical technologist who works in Amman hospital in Amman, Jordan. Jamal Haddad is my cousin from my mom’s side of the family. He has been a surgical technologist for almost four years. Since Jamal currently is living in Jordan, I had to do a virtual interview using Skype. I was able to ask a variety of questions about his profession, and he answered promptly.

To begin with, I asked Jamal the most frequently asked questions. Why did you decide to become a surgical technologist? He responded that he enjoys making a change in an individual’s life also mentions how every day he makes a difference. What is your greatest strength in this profession? His response was they one of his greatest strengths is his ability to keep calm while under pressure especially when in surgery with the surgeon. How important are people skills in this profession? His response, while operating It requires all employees in the room to be able to cooperate and communicate appropriately for the good of the patient.

What would you say is one of the biggest challenges you encountered as a surgical technician? Jamal’s response, He is usually used to holding things for a long time but one time in surgery his hand was cramping bad, and he needed someone to take over his position which made him feel a little embarrassed. Have you made any mistakes while in surgery? Jamal’s response, He says “thankfully I haven’t made a mistake in surgery, but other than his hand cramping that one time I never had to deal with a consequence.” Describe a typical day as a surgical technician? Jamal says his days Typically start early morning 6:45-7 am and he never really knows when he will be off, also says he’s had to stay their overnight at times when short staffed.

He has to arrive a little early to put on his scrubs, and then nurse starts off the day with keeping staff updated during previous shifts and either or during their shift. Then each member gets assigned to a specific surgery with a surgeon, and everyone assigned a particular task. Before the surgery, we must sterilize each equipment and count each tool that will be used before and after surgery to make sure nothing is left in the patient. After surgery, all tools get disposed and then gets prepared for the following operation. Overall, Jamal says his job as a surgical technician is always exciting and looks forward to new challenges daily to help him prosper in his career.

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