The following example essay on “Work and Leisure” explores the importance of work-life balance – the ratio of time spent on work to time spent on the things you love: yourself, family, friends.


Do you feel like you are running two lives? One for you and one for work? Most of the people thinks that work leisure balance is binary. When people focus most of the times on the work, they get less time for their family and own life. Some people may struggle to get relax time from the professional life, others may have leisure time in their life and they try to do some productive work in their lives.

The key of this issue is balance. Balance is a main point to a successful and healthy life . When people dont have balance in their life, their lives are being limited than what they want to do. Balancing work and leisure are often a challenge because it involves many people and complex circumstances that changes over time (Stewart & Johnson, 2006).

It truly feels like they are running two lives. Every individual always needs to balance one life against another to get the results they desire.

According to Lawhon (2014), Work is one thing we have to make a necessity, but leisure doesnt fall far behind. Work is something that people do to get salary and fulfill needs of ourselves and family. On other hand, leisure is a time that spend away from the work and feel relax and enjoy ourselves. However, this paper explains the life of a two young person that how they are balancing their life between work and leisure.

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A person who is better in his career, thoughts and skills that allow him to be better in his relationships, family life and hobbies.


I had conducted an interview of two person named respectively Utsav Patel and Urvin Patel, who are good friends of mine. I know them since my undergrad. Utsav is an assistant team leader in mathematics department of Fountainhead School which is located in India and Urvin is an owner of IT company named Jemistry Info Solutions LLP which is located in India. I had selected these two persons for my interview because they struggled too much in their lives in young age to achieve their goal which can be inspired to others to never give up in life.

I initially set my method to take an interview of both was Skype video call as they both are already known to each other. But under some circumstances, Utsav was not available on Skype. So, I had taken an interview of Utsav on phone and taken an interview of Urvin on Skype video call. I was ready with my questions to ask them during call.

I structured my questions in a way that I could get information about their education, their professional life and personal life. The opening discussion with Utsav began with the basic education question, What degree have you earned? Do you believe that your degree is helpful to get your current job? With Urvin, my opening question was, What degree have you earned? How helpful your degree was to start-up your own business?

From there, our discussion started with the follow-up questions during the flow of dialogue. The interview was conducted with Utsav for 30 minutes on phone and with Urvin for 45 minutes on Skype video call. My findings below combine the data which I got from both and I came up with ideas and conclusion.


No pressure, No diamonds

Diamonds are formed because carbon is set under extreme pressure in the earth. Without pressure, it just a carbon or maybe it turns into graphite. Likewise, if you work hard then it makes you more productive. Utsav had achieved his goal of life with hard work. He thinks that Follow your passion, Chase your dream, Never give up. He is a leader of a team by passion. He taught to high school students when he was doing his bachelors. He studied Information Technology.

Therefore, his parents wanted him to apply in colleges as a professor rather than school. But his dream was to become a teacher of a high school. His family were not happy with was he was going to do. He was a teacher of Math and Physics subjects when he joined the Fountainhead School. Because of his passion towards education, he promoted with assistant team leader of Mathematics Department.

Fight till the last gasp

The warrior stays on battleground until his last breath. This quotes also followed by Urvin. He was a coma patient because of stroke during his undergrad. He was in ICU for one week. His parents had not had hopes that Urvin survives his life. But after one week, he woke up and he believes that he fought against death. Then after he started his own business without taking any economic help from their parents.

For an economy support, he taught to high school students and he earned money to put one foot toward his dream. His dream was that if he could fight against death then definitely, he can fight again his dream. And he worked hard. He just followed his dream, his passion. Now, he is a successful entrepreneur. His dream came true just because of his hard work.

Treasure relationships, not possessions

Relationships are more valuable rather than money. Relationships reflect future and show future. Humans need to active socially and do interaction among them is necessary for their mental health. My question was to both Utsav and Urvin like Do you like to spend your free time with other people? How you spend your free time with other people? where I got answer about relationships with other people.

Utsav replied to this question that he loves to spend his free time with new people. He usually goes park and meet new people in his leisure time. He talks with new people and get to know about them. Urvin has same personality to talk with people. But he doesnt like to meet new person. He spends his leisure time with friends and family. Generally, he goes for coffee with friends or for dinner with family. Also, he likes to cook delicious food when he gets chance from work.


Work and leisure both are important to maintain happiness and peace in our life. So, the balance is most important between work and leisure. I observed upon interview that they both are managing their professional life and personal life easily. As a view of Urvin, he measured his professional life by how much profit is in the company, how many targets are reached. And he measured his personal life by health, taking time out and feeling relaxed and happy. He can easily find his own balance between work and leisure.

After analyzing this, I feel that every person is divided into two lives. Internal and external elements involve in life for creating balance. Internal elements are those elements which involves mind, heart, health and your spiritual element. External elements are those elements which involves work, social activity, fun, refreshing and relax.

Utsav believes that he never amalgamates professional and personal life. He always strives hard to find happiness within himself. He says, Work is a part of life, life is not a part of work!. He enjoys his work without feel stressed. Like that I found a way to balance a life.


Work is one of the most essential and important things for people in modern era. On other hand leisure is one that makes you relax out of the work. I learn from Utsav that it is easier to work when you need to do work and enjoy yourself when you need to get relax while you separate your work and leisure time. So, balance is important between work and leisure.

On a balancing scale, one side you have work and another side you have leisure. When you put more energy on one side that side falls down. So, when you feel drained, you need to find a way to increase the amount of leisure time you have. When you feel yourself very free, you need to go ahead to become more productive when you are working (Young, 2006). To achieve balance between work and leisure is not hard, it is necessary for both our productivity and enjoyment.


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