Women In The Middle Ages

Women had always been treated under the power of men for hundreds of years the roles that women take during the middle ages are a wife, mother, peasant, nun, and etc. Women don’t often get the opportunity to speak up when they’re wrong because of how men took all of the control they could have, so women have to depend on men for many things.

In the Canterbury Tales, the author talks about how women if she wanted to gain power for herself is either known as wicked or immortal, society during the middle ages didn’t want to put women in a position where women are allowed to present themselves and not be called certain things or being unloyal to their family or her husband.

He also mentioned in the tales that “women were unable to keep a secret was related to the antifeminist stereotype as women as indiscriminate chatterboxes and gossips”, and so they portray woman as a material.

Women were to care for children and husband doing things like housework and cooking. Depending on how wealthy the household is the women lives depends on it, if shes married to a poor household than shes expected to find money and help her husband care for the children if shes married to a wealthy household the women may have some appearance in the social world and may not have to work but care for her children and her husband.

They tend to not have as many rights as men, women don’t have access to education during that period only young men from nobility and upper-class men tend to get an education.

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Women were always secondary to most of the thing because they should be serving and be under the protection of men. So it is very common for women not knowing how to read and write.

In Miller’s tale, he also mentioned “no empty-handed man can lure a bird” meaning that women do want a man with wealth because she wanted to live a better life away from poverty and that what’s most of the middle ages women dreamed of was to live with the life full of luxury, women don’t really have a choice on her own when it’s comes to deciding her marriage life at some situations. The appearance of a woman does make men fall in love, not just during our time but during the middle ages looks was also a major factor of marriage and how men choose their wives. 

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