Women Empowerment: The Secret Behind the Global Success

Empowering women and girls impacts society and it’s truly powerful, enlightening the world around us. More commonly known as the economic stability, political equality and an overall transformation of the social universe, female empowerment has equalized the world despite the methods left behind by its previous civilizations. Multiple influential world leaders and scholars share their voice in this significant endeavor. Both globally and financially, women empowerment is revitalizing the female race and preparing young girls to blossom and take on the world.

Genuinely, there is no set definition for the term “Women Empowerment.” In fact, most world languages do not even have a word that would stand as a synonym for empowerment. Although the term is primarily used when referring to gender equality and similar issues, it generally governs a context of issues involving male vs. female inequality, political participation, and girls’ education. It is technically a process of highly encouraging a group of people (women and girls, in this case), and attempting to influence them (for the better or for the worse) to get the desired end-result.

It leaves the once-beginner participant as the agent of change to go forward and achieve. Analyzing what women empowerment is leads into the next question; how does it work? Women empowerment has taken its stance across the nations, and made itself popular in the modern world. According to studies, women today have almost three times the amount of the choices that they can take control of and decisions involving career choices and education opportunities in comparison to the 20th century.

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What is the drive behind this? A revolutionary 70% of women that responded to the survey said that it was all because they were “empowered to self-awareness” and a process of “knowing who they really are” and “experience; accepting the world around them”. Given that the women empowerment movement is geared towards gender equality, the outcome of this survey stands to show that the world is in its right mind. It has worked its way towards its goal; to boldly challenge the stereotypical world of conventional assumptions and prove that women are above that. Women empowerment strives to continue to self-actualize a woman’s inner power and truly leapfrog into the intimidating world around them and revolutionize it. To influence it in such a way that the world will count this phase of women leaders as a significant mark in more than just his-story. They are creating her-story. They won’t stand for people that underestimate them. They will stand for those that know what women truly are. Undisputable is the fact that the violence posed against women today is horrific and it is one of the greatest moral tragedies of our time. It requires a final ending, a finish once and for all. Extraordinary is the indubitable evidence that women aren’t waiting for society. From North America all the way to Australia, millennial women are advocating for change and leading a difference for the good in society. As said by G.D. Anderson,”Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong; it’s about how they perceive that strength to better the world with the change it so desperately needs.” It is time to provide the support that women need. It is time to become alert and differentiate between what is wrong and what is right. It is time to renovate the world and with it, the destinies of future women.

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