The following sample essay on cyber crime affecting women As far as innovative technology promotes our brilliance and provides social connectivity, it also affects our uprightness and confidential life. Cyber crime leads to downtrodden which may cause social assault all over the world. The intimate existence of men and women are affected by these cyber criminals. are the women in 21st century safe? NO, on a daily basis women are abused in front of the community due to cyber crime women are forced to become the victim of social assault like rape, molesting, harassment, etc.

which causes mental disorder which also leads to affliction of physical health care. In order to provide protection against cyber crimes government has introduced Indian IT act, 2000. It is the primary Indian law which deals with CYBER CRIME and E- COMMERCE. This act covers whole of India and recognizes electronic records and digital signatures. In order to empower society in cyber security the young generation has to be encouraged.

The present paper seeks to clarify how the cyber crime is demolishing our young innovative generation and exploiting women esteem by menacing, this paper also elaborates the various measures which have been taken by Indian government to curb exploitation of women through electronic mediums like cyber cell, police helpline, cops, etc.


Today’s advancement of technology has captured the whole society. In these days most of the people are wholly curved around the technology but we are unaware of these facts. Computer and internet has transformed the whole world into a global community by generating cyber space, cyber space is an ordinary patrimony of human race but in Today’s generation some people take disadvantage of these ordinary patrimonies thus cyber space has also become a new perimeter of various types of crimes.

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Cyber space is a super highway of dispatching of knowledge and information across the world through unseen microwaves. As we observe that our society have become very dependent on these advanced technologies, For example payment of grocery stores, booking of movie tickets and also the accommodation of hotels has become very easy for people as all these can be done easily through internet. During all these evolution of technologies, criminals have also taken the advantages of these situations and used it for their benefits, advanced technologies has only made it easier for the criminals to commit their crimes. Victims unknowingly become target of these criminals as people don’t protect their identities on social media and they reveal their whole routine. For criminals it becomes more easier to collect the information about the victim unfortunately victims themselves unknowingly help the criminals. With the rapid growth of technology cyber crimes are also growing along with it. As safety is one’s own responsibility people should start taking precaution of their security. Cyber crimes have serious impacts on the society which also cause psychological destroy, threat to national defence, hacking of intimate identification, Online bank information theft and unauthorized computer access, etc. and for all these crimes we have some severe punishments which are imposed on conviction.

In every second one or the other women gets deceived to be a victim of cyber crime. The online platform is a new platform where women’s position, privacy and security are being challenged in every moment. Molesting, harassment, body shaming, revenge porn, black mailing and many other forms of indecent depiction of women are widespread in the cyber world. The cyber crimes against women causes mental disorder more than the affliction of physical health care. Criminals target to defame women by sending of obscene messages, E-mail, stalking women by using chat rooms, and the worst of all by developing pornographic videos. One of the major causes of harassment these days is cyber bullying.

Why people commit cyber crime? People who commits cyber crime are are mostly well organized they commit cyber crime as committing cyber crimes online allows a person to hide their location and identity. The word cyber crimes alludes to a different variety of crimes through computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, internet connected televisions. Cyber stalkers steal confidential data which is stored online


CYBER STALKING is a commitment of crime where a victim gets harassed by the attacker where womens are the main victims. They are stalked through obscene E-mails or IM (instant messaging), flaming. Womens are mainly stalked by men which have brutal impact on their private life through electronic mediums such as internet or (www) World Wide Web women are used to pursue, harassed which again leaves a great impact on their psychology. According to the report of IC3 (crime complaint center) 2017 internet crime report which was published on may 2018 the report represents the total of 301,580 complaints were reported by the victims and the main complaints of violence against women where women are being victimized, molested, intimated and due to all these issues womens are being treated brutally by their own family members and society which forces them to commit suicide and self harm which causes mental disorder. It is sad to accept but Cyber stalking is a creepy part of the modern society cyber stalkers have some really bad intentions  To embarrass, threaten, or to harass their victims the difference is they do all these brutal crime online behind the walls of real world.

Everything on the internet are used by cyber stalkers to make ill-suited contact with their victims. Is cyber stalking and social media stalking has a same meaning? the answer is NO, we must not get confused between cyber stalking and social media stalking cyber stalking is really serious as it has evil intention ranging from defamation to sexual harassment and the cyber stalkers also encourages other people to harass the victims, social media stalking is not as cruel as cyber stalking Have you ever undergone the irritating or vexatious experience of being stalked? it really doesn’t matter to cyber stalkers that you are a working women or a college student, or a house wife, or a school going student most of the time the cyber stalkers are our own close friends, family members too. a women said that she feels like a trapped animal whenever she gets stalked by cyber stalkers it feels like an frightening or a very horrible experience around 20 percent of the women are affected by cyber stalking due to the fear of being stalked many women don’t like to even come out alone in the public, women quit using social media sites like instagram, face book, orkut, yahoo, twitter, snap chat. Some remedies to cyber stalking is? Filing a complaint online? womens who are being stalked can file a complaint to National Commission for women(NCW)and the commission will help the women to get rid of these cyber stalking problems and if needed commission will take the issue of cyber stalking to the police. In some serious cases the commission forms an committee for inquiry then the commission asks the police to accelerate the investigation. Commission has powers to summon the criminal. the enquiry committee of the commission starts an spot inquiry, examines witness, and collects the evidence against the cyber stalker National Commission for women’s allows all the women across the country to file a suit against the cyber stalkers. Also the government of India has introduced many HELPLINE NO. Like if women are being stalked in DELHI, she can call 1096. For the rest women of India can make a call to National commission for women (NCW) contact them on 0111-23219750. women’s should always collect evidence they must not feel scared they

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