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Why Marriage Matters brings forth a national issue into Paper

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Why Marriage Matters brings forth a national issue into deeper discussion before the citizens of this country. It is the work of one of the most influential attorneys in America, Evan Wolfson, who is a devoted attorney. This book is straightforward and blunt about the significance of marriage. Most importantly, not just for some couples, but for all. Based off of the 30 page preview I can tell it was written to persuade the legalization of gay marriage in America. It was written in 2004, before the nationwide legalization. Wolfson uses logic and sympathy to prove his point. He gives facts and statistics that show how gay couple are at a disadvantage at an economic standpoint because they did not receive marital benefits. This book is relevant to 2018 even after its goal was achieved. As a Christian I am affected by this because it stems confusion and contradiction. I am not saying I hate gays, but I do not support the legalization of a ceremony which origins stem back to the sacred ordinance granted by God to be utilized between men and women only.

The author begins his book by reviewing the cultural, economic, and social impacts legal marriage has on people. His opinion is clear and definite- all people should have the legal right to be married. Wolfson wrote this to contribute to the Federal Marriage Amendment. This 2004 bill was in disagreement with the opinion of this book. It stated, “Marriage in the United States shall consist solely of the union of a man and a woman. Neither this Constitution nor the constitution of any State shall be construed to require that marriage or the legal incidents thereof be conferred upon any union other than the union of a man and a woman.” In the 30 page preview I did not see any other side presented in the argument. The language of the essay was calm, but serious. It seemed as though the author was speaking as if it was simply common sense that all should marry. The argument was well thought out and backed up by emotional connection and factual reason which is expected coming from an Attorney. He says, “ The tangible legal and economic protections and responsibilities that come with marriage include access to healthcare and medical decision-making for your partner and your children; parenting and immigration rights; inheritance, taxation, Social Security, and other government benefits…” He continue to lists valid and true statements to make his point of the oppression of gay couples.

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Although he made very compelling points, my opinion does not change. If this Country puts “In God We Trust” on its currency then, we must trust in God and his laws. And in his laws, he makes it clear on the correct circumstances marriages should be administered. If anything, there should be review on the economic advantages of being married. Instead of desanctifying this sacred ceremony, maybe remove the earthly benefits and allow there to be no financial and legal difference between those married and those who are not. In addition, I would not have picked this topic if there was not so much Christian influence on our government. If not all Christian values are upheld, no mention of God should occur. Some may say,” If God loves all of his creations, why would he not let gay people marry?” This is a valid question when there is unfamiliarity towards God and his gospel. I believe he created us all perfectly as spirits before coming to Earth. He then sent us down by our own will to receive mortal bodies and overcome our own individual trials, and to make mistakes and to use the atonement made by his only begotten son, Jesus Christ to acquire forgiveness for our transgressions against the commandments of God. He knows we are all imperfect here and will sin, but with the purpose in growing spiritually and returning to his presence. Some of us receive financial trials, others family problems, but all out of our control. We are given what we can handle and for some that includes physical disabilities. Our genders are the same here on earth as they were created before coming as babies, therefore any thought otherwise would be considered a trial in itself. I am not saying someone can simply change their sexual preference just by thinking it, but I am saying God is aware of our intentions and the goodness of our hearts. So by effort and faith in his commandments – even that which is marriage, all will have the opportunity to return to his presence. All of my reasoning is faith and religious based, which are the only reasons I see valid for keeping marriage exclusive. I do not hate gay people, I only recognize personal trials that we must all overcome by the grace of God.

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