Why Go to College?

The following example essay on “Why Go to College?” is a personal story in which the author expresses his opinion on the need to study further, describing the benefits of studying in college.

Many stories have been heard that College isn’t worth it. They say college takes your money, you will only be in debt when you leave, and you will be homesick. But, I believe in college. Why? I’m going to give you reasons why college is a big step in your life after high school and what you need to know about college.

Why providing a major is not a first step, college studies, and college readiness.

The most exciting thing in college is having SO many classes and choices to choose from. By taking this many classes you will have many things to choose from and find out where you belong. Choosing your major seems hard and bad at times, but you’ll find that you belong in many choices over your early college years.

According to the College Board Blog, it states,” When do you declare a major? Generally at most four-year colleges you don’t have to decide on a major until the end of your sophomore year.

This gives you time to try a couple of classes and see what you like before you decide, and earn general education credits that count toward your degree. “ You have plenty of time to pick your most relevant major. Colleges have over 50 majors to choose from ranging from healthcare, psychology, design, and many more.

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There is no rush in finding a major early, you’ll eventually know where you belong.

Whether you’re out partying, hanging with friends or just walking campus you always need to make sure you’re ready for class tomorrow or studying is efficient. According to Odyssey, it states, “ Starting to focus on your career should be the motivation you need in order to move on to the next part of your life regardless of what you want to do. Work towards those goals in school because it makes starting sooner than later all the better down the road. “ No matter what the situation is you need to stay on track but opportunities come every single day. Don’t lose sight of what is important.

College is a ballgame, but it’s totally worth it. You have to be prepared for college. In order to see college is worth it, you have to be prepared mentally and physically. According to HuffPost, it states, “ Students who work more effectively with good time management skills helps reduce their stress during the college process. ” When the work involved is consolidated into a few months, it can significantly increase the stress level for students. Advertisement. Early College Preparation is important.” College helps future life skills and increases your job choices. No matter what facts anybody has against college, College will always be worth it.

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Why Go to College?
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