Why Ease of Use and Security Are Key to Expanding Access through the Online Classroom

We are surrounded by technology and it persists to grow in its numerous uses even though a lot of people prefer the conventional practices of teaching, the opportunities that comes along technology are abundant. For instance, approach to education has crucially expanded which consists of broad variety of learning methods and degree alternatives. Educational technology comprises of digital readers and tablets, 3D printing, virtual reality, Gamification, mobile technology and there are many other technologies in education that are in use today.

Technology initiates in essential structural improvements that can be fundamental in attaining imperative alterations in efficiency.

Now there is a widespread of knowledge through books, images, videos, or audios which are easily obtainable through the internet, and the chances for conventional learning are in access online worldwide which can be found in Khan Academy, MOOCs, conventional online degree programs, podcasts and more. Technology sustains a student with opportunity to various online facilities, but also assists them in the knowledge. The preponderance of colleges, schools and universities have emerged to employ technology to infuse it with their teaching styles.

“Research and experience have clearly demonstrated the potential of calculators to enhance students’ learning in mathematics. The cognitive gain in number sense, conceptual development, and visualization can empower and motivate students to engage in true mathematicalproblems solving at a level previously denied to all but the most talented. The calculator is an essential toolfor all students in mathematics.”

Technology nurtures students with opportunities to innumerable online facilities, motivating them to make research which in return makes them liberated.

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It also removes complexities by making the conception easy to understand, for example online educational videos are very helpful for students. It is crucial to realize that there are various types of studying methods which might not always be the case with the traditional education methods. Some students might not be able to grasp knowledge in traditional classrooms, but they might find it easier to learn through technology.

The simplicity and ease of access influence and assists both the teacher and the students. For instance, a teacher can opt for an online quiz for their students and then through the help of technology grading can be done automatically which will instantly save money and time for the teacher and for students they have access to information at all times. It is now possible for students at any age to attain education online while sitting in their comforts as there are various courses that offer online degrees. Even people with jobs can study online while working full time.

Technology has immensely transformed education; it has vastly diversified the reach to education. In old times books were rare and only the powerful had access to them people had to travel to various places to attain education and now times are simpler as education is provided in various different forms that are on the fingertips of any student.

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