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Why do certain countries have so many successful companies?. For every Paper

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Why do certain countries have so many successful companies?

For every person a word “success” has its own signification, but in general success means achieving the goal that was spinning in your head for a long time. It is what any person and any company strives for throughout the life. To be successful is to become more confident in your abilities, be able to find a way out of any problem, treat everything with a positive attitude, be confident in your own actions. It comes only for those who has a massive amount of patience. To succeed with a company means to not depend on someone’s opinion, produce high quality and useful products, and to reach international level. Nowadays most of the countries have successful companies that are known all over the world, but it is not that easy to stay among first. From year to year it becomes harder and harder to conquer with each other. Not everyone is ready for a battle. Success of one company depends not only on company itself but also on a hard work, continuous improvement of the workflow, also people working there. It’s possible for one sphere to have lots of companies, so actually it gets hard to conquer and stay on the labor market and some companies can quit unable to withstand the pressure and because of lack of new ideas.

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In my opinion, there are several key components which can help companies become successful. One of the main ones is to love what you do. It’s the same as love to yourself, if you don’t love yourself and things that you do, nobody will like to interact with you. In the beginning it may seem that it’s not helpful and doesn’t affect on a progress, but some patience needed. Lots of people while starting their businesses, expect huge profits in the first months, and after not receiving it they can easily give up.

Next one is a hard work, as usual. Nothing will work if company and its staff stays in one place and just sits all day doing nothing to spend their time. Surely, it’s easier to find an effortless way to do job, it some cases it may also lead to a progress, but not in the fastest way.

To have a mission and structured plan of your work process. It is always good to have a long-term strategy and know what to do and how to improve your business from time to time. If it’s complicated to do in the right way, there are always people who are professionals in questions like this and you may request assistance. The strategy should be affordable and suitable to your opportunities and with involvement of employees. When they are involved in the process of choosing strategy, they get motivation to properly finish the given job.

Perseverance and enthusiasm. When a person sees a large number of tasks, he needs to use all his inner potential to cope with these problems, not to retreat and move on to the intended goal. The amount of difficulty that arises may even endanger the decision to open your own business. Therefore, any activity requires enviable patience and perseverance. At the same time, perseverance should be accompanied by practicality and a real look at things, which will prevent unsuccessful projects. Also, to achieve success in activities, a person needs a strong will. It can’t be given to a person at birth, but can be developed in a life process, social activity and work. To educate person’s strong will, it is necessary to effectively develop personal qualities, successful performance of business tasks, active participation in collective work. As an example, we can take Steve Jobs. In the middle of 70s, Jobs dropped out of college and decided to get a job at the computer game company Atari. Realizing that he is not going to be accepted, Steve Jobs walked into Atari’s main office and stated that he would not leave until he was hired. And, he was taken! Later, when Apple needed promotion, Steve Jobs turned to the well-known company Regis McKenna, but it wasn’t successful. Then he started calling the office every day. Then began to regularly visit the CEO of the company. So, the company gave up because of Jobs’s persistence.

Customer care. Ñare can be shown in set of characteristics your product differs. As far as it meets the needs of customers. Things like contacting with a client, how does the sale happen, how do they get their purchase should be well organized. On how quickly the phone was picked up when the customer dialed your number or seen on the advertisement in the elevator, depends on whether he will even work with you. How convenient the payment process was for him will depend on whether he wants to buy something else. Whether you were able to surprise him in a good way depends on whether he will talk to friends about his experience with you. Also there are a few components of sincere care: to sell exactly what the customer needs. Maybe he doesn’t know what he wants. But we as a Pro in our field can figure out the details and offer the best solution. And to make the sales process for the client pleasant and convenient. That the buyer at each moment of interaction with you feels that you thought of him and his comfort.

Distribution of tasks for workers. Delegation means the transfer of tasks and powers to a person who assumes responsibility for their performance. Delegation is based on authority and responsibility. Responsibility is the duty of the employee to perform delegated tasks and be responsible for their satisfactory solution. The employee who is responsible is not obliged to perform the work personally, but he will always be responsible for its results. So, responsibility can’t be delegated. For example, if the sales department did not fulfill the plan, the sales manager, not the sales agents, should answer to the sales director. The head of a large organization rarely communicates with subordinates at lower levels, who do most specific tasks. Nevertheless, he is responsible for the Affairs of the firm and his subordinates.

Motivation to buy products. Attracting a client is a time-consuming task. As anyone can see there are quite a lot of bad products on the market, often consumers are faced with low-quality goods. Here comes the distrust. Therefore, the success of the company depends on the motivation to buy the goods. The effectiveness of this thesis is proven in practice by Nespresso. Their field of activity is espresso machines. At the initial stage of development, different distributors were engaged in the distribution of the devices. Only a few distributors during the consultations treated customers to coffee. And their sales have increased six times. Nespresso realized that the success of the company depends on such tastings only after three years. After that, all distributors treated customers to coffee. Today, the company has opened more than 300 of its own coffee machine shops. Everywhere visitors can not only learn all about the product, but also try delicious coffee.

Product improvement. This part is psychological, but it is given to the firm quite difficult. After developing a product, specialists are usually exhausted, so they drop everything and go to rest. However, real professionals continue to work, creating subsequent versions of the product. After all, if they are aware of all the nuances, they can make a high-quality version. The trajectory of development can be not that big. In the end, this does not lead to growth. The key to the success of the company is the desire to increase this indicator. Monster companies like Amazon or Apple have a good, even excellently improved trajectory. They improve products not only in terms of technical support, but also in terms of customer relationship. With a competent trajectory of improvements, you can raise demand by 300-500%. Every customer comparing a year-old product should see a widespread improvement.

Pricing. Inefficient pricing can certainly hamper financial success even if they are optimally combined. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence. Pricing is often inefficient. Philips is the world leader in innovation in electronic consumer products; Citicorp has achieved a leading position in the field of credit cards; a small number of airlines owns all the airports in America. In any case, even smaller and seemingly less fortunate competitors in the same industries tend to be more profitable. But large and many other similar companies, which produce enormous values for their customers, do not manage to get the corresponding income. The reason for this can be their inability to align their value creation actions with their pricing decisions. As a result, whatever level of profitability they have not reached, it is still initially less collateral. Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club said that he learned a simple lesson that changed the whole retail system in America today. As an example, he bought an item for 80 cents. If he put it on the counter at 1$, he could sell three times more than the price of 1$ and 20 cents. He divided his profit in half, but the volume in the end turned out much more.

Desire to learn. A company is like a living organism that develops day by day. And this organism has a strong intellectual component, it can constantly improve in the direction in which it is necessary. Staff training involves the organization of trainings to improve team spirit, unity and improve the competence of a department. Training methods vary, but to a greater extent they take place in the form of games. A relaxed and comfortable stop helps employees feel safe, this, in turn, helps to unlock the potential of each employee and assess his true skills and abilities, predispositions. The presence of a large amount of knowledge and skills determines the high level of personal development. Also, to develop their abilities, a person needs to clearly define their goals, as well as organize persistent activities aimed at achieving them. The ability to organize work effectively, courage, perseverance and perseverance play a decisive role in human life.

Flexibility. An immediate response to the customer and potential customer is an urgent need and a good way to get or keep customers, or a necessary tactic when competitors do the same. If people are tuned positively and feel confident inside and the head of the company always supports them, it can help them gather their thoughts and find an effective solution to any requests. Companies need to be flexible to maintain or increase a market share.

To find your product, that everyone will need. Well-made goods are not uncommon in the market. And bad goods are also common, sometimes even more common than good ones. And there are attractive goods. This is a special category that literally attracts customers. Such products are focused not only on quality. Manufacturers care about their consumers, pay attention to their financial situation. The ideal product is the formula for the success of the company, it attracts everything from design to customer feedback. An example of such companies with attractive products is Samsung, Starbucks, Zara and many other manufacturers. There are not that much in the world, although the number of useful goods is constantly growing.

The easiest way to create a useful product is to automate part of the routine. This will give a stable demand and an initial source of funding. In 2000, project CEO Ben Chestnut ran a design consulting studio, and many clients were interested in their own email newsletter. But there was one problem — Ben hated them. So, to free the team from boring work, he decided to create a tool that would simplify the process. So, MailChimp was created, which is now valued at $400 million. Quizlet may not be the biggest company on the list, but It is notable for being founded by a fifteen-year-old who wanted to pass the French exam well. In 2012, by the time Quizlet attracted its first investment, the CEO was 22, the platform was used by 40 million people, and it was among the fifty most visited sites in the United States. Often startups are compared based on the amount of funds raised, but it is much more important to consider how they spend money. The best entrepreneurs build their businesses on technologies or models that are inherently more efficient at multiplying capital. Former commando Will Dean, with $7,000 in savings, turned Tough Mudder into a company with an annual income of $100 million. the secret is to pre-sell seats to the competition and then use this money to build an obstacle course.

Companies like language centers always have clients, because nowadays it’s a big plus for a person if he knows at least one foreign language. But the rivalry is huge, so centers have to introduce various promotions and invent new language learning techniques. For some people it’s kind of difficult to learn so they are in search of the place which will suit them the best. If we take language centers like Spasibeaucoup or telc, very well known in Kazakhstan, I can tell that they are a good example of successful companies. They always have something unique to introduce, have discounts for students, educational programs and tours to go abroad, have their own ways for the fast preparation to IELTS and tons of reviews from satisfied customers. They are very helpful and versatile, so people prefer them than the other ones.

Drawing up a portrait of a potential buyer. In order not to produce too many goods and not to expand the nomenclature in vain, it is recommended to use the most accurate portraits of customers. This will allow to correctly identify the potential audience that will accurately consume the product produced. Accordingly, the greatest success can be achieved only when detailed characteristics are collected. They will allow to create the most detailed portrait of the client. If the owner of the company is ready to expand the existing product range, we can use a more general portrait of the client. This is the main purpose of the portrait of the client-adjusting to the potential client to create such a product and develop such marketing campaigns that will definitely bring maximum profit to the company.

Some companies can become successful in the first few years of their existence and it seems to them that they are going to be on top all the time. But there is a thing that after a while, people may get bored of the same product, which is produced from year to year, so they want something new and start seeking other companies. So, it’s better not to stand in one place and always try to find new ways to attract the clients. However, not every opened company can exist forever. There are also companies that can be closed after a few months of working. Usually because of low income and lack of competent staff.

In conclusion I want to add that any company can succeed, but they will always need patience, strong personality, a desire to develop and tend to be the best version of themselves, do not led to provocations from competitors and never show their weaknesses.

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