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Why are People Addicted to Plastic Surgery? Paper

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Addiction: the condition of being addicted to a substance, thing or activity. When we hear the word addiction, we usually think drug or alcohol addiction. Can plastic surgery become an addiction? In fact, it is an addiction. However, [u]nlike drug addicts who suffer from chemical addiction, plastic surgery addicts experience mental obsession to alter their bodies and face. I feel like since the early 2000’s to now plastic surgery has become excessive.

Why are people addicted to plastic surgery? My guess would because it’s a mental conflict one has with oneself. It is like a behavioral addiction. Well in this case one must alter one’s physical appearance for satisfaction despite the negative consequences. A huge influence in plastic surgery today is social media. Most men and/or women desire to look just like their favorite actor or model who has had plastic surgery. They go to their local plastic surgeon’s office hoping to get the same result. The reality of it all is most patients aren’t satisfied with the outcome and go back to fix whatever is wrong. Sometimes they even go back to get even more surgery done, which can eventually lead to addiction of plastic surgery.

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I believe too much of anything isn’t good for a person’s health. This is especially true with plastic surgery. Over time certain cosmetic surgeries can affect health. Breast implants have been known to rupture, interfere with mammography and eventually start to leak, all of which can lead to serious health issues like cancer (Zuckerman 1). Not all cosmetic surgeries are harmful. According to Dr. Clevens in an article published in Florida Today on the health benefits of plastic surgery, “Some patients seek cosmetic surgery for correction of an accident or deformity” (Clevens 1). Plastic surgery can improve breathing, vision, neck, back pain and self-esteem which are not harmful whatsoever.

Americans spent more than $16 billion on cosmetic surgeries and minimally invasive procedures in 2016, the most the U.S. has ever spent on such operations (Rossman 1). I personally feel like that’s an outrageous amount of money be spent on cosmetic surgeries. I could think of some far more important issues Americans can spend the hard-earned dollar on. Women and men today are excessively concerned about the way they look. Rather than buying a new car or home, they go get liposuction. Millennials are more likely to get plastic surgery than any other age group. We all know plastic surgery costs a pretty penny, and most millennials seek out health care financing companies because they can’t afford the upfront cost of the procedures. Denefits is a leading patient financing company in the field of surgery. So not only are surgeons making money from cosmetic surgeries, health financing companies are also making some revenue. All in all, the money spent on every aspect of plastic surgery could be better spent elsewhere.

I feel like plastic surgery should be treated just like any other addiction. There should be a limitation on how much surgery one person can get. Manufacturers should find ways to improve the products surgeons use in plastic surgery operations to minimize the risk of health issues following the procedures. I love myself the way I am. Yes, once upon a time I wanted breast implants, but when I found out the health risks it changed my mind. My health is more important than having double D’s. However, no matter how high the prices are, or the health risks, Americans are going to get what they want when they want it.

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