Who Actually Discovered America

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The topic that we are talking about is going to be? The two groups that I will be talking about that discovered America first will be the Vikings and the Native Americans. The vikings had big boats that could hold a lot of cargo and they had came from scandinavia which is all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.The native Americans were said to come across a land bridge that is no longer there which is said to be from all the water going down clearing a path from Asia to North America.

So they are the people that I think were here before Columbus. Many of thousands of years ago, late in the ice age there were people who journeyed across the Bering Strait. To the westside of North America around 1000 BC,is when they did. They had spread across the continent and spread their language as time went on, and left behind some artifacts.

They usually hunted for animals like bison and other animals they could skin and use for weapons and clothes.

So the cool thing is, is that there are still Native Americans living here today. The Vikings came across the Atlantic Ocean in search for land and they landed in North America around 1000 AD. They came In big Ships which were massive, they were 54 feet in length and could hold almost 120 tons of supplies, because they were reinforced very goodly. We know that they were here because there were remains of their norse homes on the northern tip of Newfoundland, and those were found in 1960.

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Leif Erickson was the leader that had named the now Newfoundland, Vinland.They also left behind some tools and weapons that some of them they used for carvings and sketches in runes.

We all know that Columbus was one of the explorers to discover America and he was one that is know to be by everyone.  He was more well known by everyone to discover America first for many reasons. A couple reasons Columbus got credit is because all of the other groups to come to America didn’t take any notes and didn’t leave like any traces. Columbus made sure to write down everything that he found as he came in and left a lot of traces of his group. The people that were already here didn’t know that they discovered something so they didn’t write anything down so no one could give them credit for being here first. The Native Americans and the Vikings were here before Columbus. They got here two different ways, the Native Americans walked across the land bridge from Asia to North America. The vikings came from boat to Newfoundland.

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