White Privilege Is A Myth

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As of December of 2018, society has seen an outburst of discrimination claims among the various minority groups. Let’s leave aside for a moment the fact that we just had eight years where the most powerful man in the world was a black man and that during the first two years of the presidency, the Democratic party had total control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Also, the last two people who ran the justice department, Mrs. Loretta Lynch and Mr, Eric Holder, were black.

In addition, some of the most successful popular media figures are black as well, such as Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, and Drake Graham. Through the clear picture of equality among races that is reality, a lot of Americans still claim that one race is more privileged than the other.

Claims have been made that white kids have it easier when getting accepted into colleges; but, is this true though? We must look at the facts to dictate the truth behind this assumption.

Just like there are housing grants for minorities, there are also grants for minorities to attend college. While there is a vast majority of grants for minorities, any type of grants considered specifically for whites would be slandered as racist without a second glance. According to the LA Times, affirmative action centered around college admission programs allow for multiple minority groups with lower SAT scores to get accepted into colleges or universities. Up to 230 points were awarded to prospective black students and 185 points for Latinos while at the same time Asians who typically score better on tests were deducted 50 points.

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This pushes Asian students to score 280 points higher than a black person and 235 points more than Latinos or else the black and Latino students will take/her spot. At the University of Texas, the supreme court ruled that the universities practice of admitting minority students and rejecting white students was fine as long as it was conducted in the name of diversity. If this situation was reversed then protests and riots would occur around the country. In other words, a highly qualified student could be rejected just based solely on their skin color. The term “ white privilege” is just a scapegoat for the blatant racism in our universities and colleges.

Arguments have been made in the media that in today’s era is the false assumption that whites have an easier time with police and suffer at their hands less. As shown by the data gathered by The Washington Post, fifty percent of those killed in fatal shootings by the police were white with only 26 percent being black. With only a few of the black shootings involving unarmed victims, almost twice as many unarmed white men were shot by police than unarmed black men. The discussion of police, unfairness is accompanied by the discussion of sentencing disparity. A Justice Department survey of felony cases found that blacks have a higher chance of not being prosecuted for a crime and a smaller chance of being found guilty during the trial. With this being said, blacks are still sent to jail more than whites. However, statistics show that despite being only a fraction of the population, blacks are still committing higher rates of crime than any other race. While is true that most of these crimes are non-violent drug crimes still carry a mandatory minimum of five-year sentences; however, if anyone is to blame for this, it should be the Government’s harsh drug law punishments, not white people.

At a younger age, the world was never seen through a prism of color. Some of my first friends in school were black. I never could distinguish a difference between myself and my friends regardless of their skin color. This is still the case today. Over years of growing up, I have looked up to multiple black icons and I still do to this day. Skin color never meant anything until the social justice warriors and activist groups such as Antifa rallied to bring up nonexistent issues. Growing older only opened my eyes more to this problem. Many left-leaning politicians have created and pushed a race war in modern-day society. This has only separated America more and more based on the color of our skin. For what reason? This “white privilege” sham is only a way to get black voters to vote for candidates who could care less about their well-being.

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