Whether you want to personalize your kitchen or looking for a

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Whether you want to personalize your kitchen or looking for a creative way to show your art skills, custom made dinnerware are a great way for your dishes to reflect your personality. Customized plates, mug, bowls, and dishes with names are a great way to amp up your dinner party, birthday party, weddings and any other event. If you are not confident in your ability to do your own design, you can send your design draft to a design company and they will take care of the rest.

Or if you want things to go a little quicker, maybe because you don’t have time to design dinnerware for your restaurant or event, you can order from a restaurant dishware wholesale company.

But first, let’s look at how you can design your own custom dinnerware in just a few minutes.

Materials needed

• Plain white dishes, mugs, bowls, and cups

• Ceramic markers or metallic markers

• An oven

• Painter’s tape


• Wash and dry the utensils you are going to use.

Make sure any dirt and oil are removed from the surface as they may affect the results.

• Stick the strips of tape longitudinally on your plate to get a flawless geometric line. If you want to make a series of random arts on your plate then you may not need the tape.

• Draw your design on the dishes.

• Read the instructions on your pen to find out how long it will take for the ink to dry out. To be on the safe side, let your cups and plates sit for about 24 hours before moving on to the next step.

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• In case you make a mistake in when designing and you want to erase a certain part, you should wait till the ink dries out and then scrub it off with your fingers.

• Put your newly designed dishes in the oven and let them bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

It’s that easy to design your own dinnerware, you can be simple or elaborate depending on your skills.

But if the design you want is too sophisticated for your creative art skills you can ship your dishes to a design company accompanied by your design draft and they will do it for you.

Or you can order custom made dinnerware for large events from a restaurant dishware wholesale company. These are companies that sell a wide range of already designed dishware, dinnerware, and silverware for homes, restaurants, bistros, and hotels.

But before you order your custom dishware from a restaurant dishware wholesale company there are a few things you need to consider.

1. The range of uses for your dinnerware

How long are you going to use the dinnerware and where? If you are going to use them on a regular basis or outdoors, then you need dinnerware made of tough unbreakable material, like laminate and metal.

2. Do you want sets or not

Restaurant dishware wholesale companies need to know whether you are going to use 5-piece formal set or 4-piece casual set so that they know which design is best.

If your plan is to use them interchangeably for different casual and formal events then you need not to panic, most companies now offer dinnerware “open stock”, this means that instead of buying different sets you can purchase individual pieces.

3. Choose your material

There are four main materials for either formal or casual dishware. For formal you have Bone china and porcelain and for casual dishware, you have stoneware and Earthenware.

Porcelain and bone china are the most expensive because they are the strongest; bone china is fortified with ox bone ash and porcelain is the strongest ceramic. However, because they are hard to replace they are not ideal for dishwasher and microwave use.

Stoneware and earthenware are less sturdy strong and therefore less expensive than porcelain and bone china.

4. The color scheme

Your dinnerware should complement the color scheme of the room or event. Most people prefer plain white dishware because it matches most decor, doesn’t fade, never goes out of style, and it is dishwasher safe.

However, if you want to spice things up and you have a brightly colored room, then go for neutral color dishware. And if you have a neutral colored room, complement it with brightly colored dishware.

5. Choosing the shape and texture

If you want something different from the traditional smooth and round dishes, you can add a number of complementary shapes and texture that influence taste and quality. You can go for rectangular, triangular, square, coupe or oblong. Each shape has its own benefits depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

6. Measurements

You do not want to buy dishes that won’t fit your kitchen draws. Measure your storage space first before ordering your dishes in order to choose the most appropriate size. Dinnerware pieces size vary a lot, some may be large other small. And depending on their shapes, they may take more space than expected.

What to consider when making a purchase

Now that you have a general idea of what to consider before making your order, you need to make the purchase from a trusted restaurant dishware wholesale company.

1. The price and budget

Dishware need not be expensive, but if you want something strong and long lasting then you need to spend a little bit more than the average. Normal prices range between $20 to $90, and may or may not include shipping charges.

2. Consider the settings

The number of settings you select should depend on the number of people you are hosting at your event. If you are hosting a small party then 12 servings are enough, but if you are on a budget you should consider adding your own collection.

3. Perform thorough research on the company

Before you enter your credit number, read the reviews on the company’s website. You might be surprised that some of the best companies may suck when offering their services, such as delivering broken products or late delivery.

You should always be extra careful as some may not even honor the deal.


Even though you can design your own dinnerware, it is nigh impossible to be consistent in your designs especially if you are hosting a large group, and this is why you need a restaurant dishware wholesale company.

It is totally worthy to spend money on dishware because a good restaurant dishware wholesale company will provide you with durable products that can withstand restaurant and busy food service environment.

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