Whether god exists

Date: 24th September 2019

Since the beginning of the universe, man has been struggling to answer the question, how did we get here? Who is responsible for the creation of life and cosmos?

Even Socrates (a well-known Greek philosopher) didn’t believe in God but he believed in divine powers that created these systems of the universe. He believed that there exist some supernatural powers that are supreme to us, but that is not god.

Many creationists talked about theories, the most famous among them is big bang theory

they believe that the universe is created by explosion or its just a coincidence.

If we put a pencil and some paper into a room and let them remain in the same place for 1000 years, do you think it would be possible for the single letter of A to come into existence on the paper? or if we put a piece of wood, some nails, and a hammer and again let them remain there for a 1000 years, do u think it would be possible for a table to form on its own in that 1000 years? Or if we put some paint with a canvas together in a room and let them remain there for 1000 years would it be possible for a picture to come into existence on its own?

Of course not!

A created work of art requires the existence of someone.

Now how can one who agrees a letter cannot exist without its writer, and that a painting cannot exist without its artist, and that an act cannot exist without its doer? Which concludes that this book of the universe exists without its author? That the live scenes in it are without their owner.

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And that all these acts occurring in the universe are without their doer? Just as in the example of letter A., The universe did not exist once upon a time, and it was created later, as everything created later needs a creator so the universe must have a Creator too.

If you were to see a small child pulling a train with a rope you would immediately think “this cannot be what it looks like a child does not have the necessary strength to do it. In that case, there must be something which I cannot see and this child is only a curtain of that strength. You think like this because of the imbalance of the cause and the effect.

The child in this example is the cause. Pulling the train is the effect, the cause is very weak since the effect requires a very great strength to occur, and it dismisses this cause from the role of the child and proves the presence of another power. Are there not more fascinating works that take place on this planet?

Giant trees grow from small seeds. An innumerable amount of splendid works occur before our eyes all the time. While the causes that generate results are very ordinary and weak, the results that occur from these causes are very extraordinary. This condition proves that these causes do not create these effects this all happens with the will of God Almighty. The causes we see are only a curtain to his power.

Let’s first look at ourselves at human beings how are they created what are those complexities in humans;

The organ system of human beings is considered as the most complex system in the universe;

We have all been granted the necessary organs to continue our lives. If God is not accepted as the creator of these organs, then you will have to find the logical answers to these questions.

How it is that atom which does not know the conditions of life, can design the organs in a way that is compatible with these conditions? How is it that the eyes atoms which have never seen before can construct eyes that see? How is it that the ears atoms which have never heard sound before can construct ears which can hear? These questions are pertinent to every other organ of the body. And how can atoms even determine the most befitting spots for these organs? How can they even determine the number of organs?

Some who dare to deny GOD almighty claim that all body parts emerged by themselves gradually over millions of years. But if we study the eye we realize that it can only function when every component and system are present and connected. It is the thousands of independent processes. All operating in perfect synchronization. Which enables us to see.

Even if one of them fails to cooperate, the eye cannot perceive images.

Let us give an example:

An eye that does not separate teardrops to lubricate itself will dry up and eventually go blind within hours. Then how could it be possible that an eye persisted from millions of years? Before tear glands emerged through evolutionary progression? For the eye to accomplish its functions, it requires a full-body, intact with its systems and organs, components and tissues.

Such as the iris, cornea, retina, conjunctiva, lens, pupil, eyelid, and eye muscles. Vision also requires neural networks connecting the eye to the brain. And the brain’s complex visual area to process all the information. All of these subsystems are dependent upon one another’s coexistence and cooperation.

Therefore to claim that body parts emerged by themselves separately is illogical. Each of the eye’s components is created with supreme intelligence.

The circulating system is a network of arteries, veins, and capillaries, which permits blood to circulate to and from trillions of cells in your body. Every single cell in the body depends on what the blood provides. The most urgent substance required is oxygen. Cells begin to die within minutes of being deprived of it. Thanks to the specially constructed system. Oxygen can be delivered to every cell in time. Bloods also performs many other vital functions. Such as carrying waste and toxic substances to the liver, regulating body temperature, supporting the immune system, and carrying nutrients to the muscle. The blood also works like a waste disposal system collecting waste products from the trillion of cells. The carbon dioxide is carried to the lungs, from where it is expelled. And non-gaseous wastes are transported to the kidneys where they are distilled. It is these unconscious blood cells that are responsible for all this. However, these cells can, in a very conscious manner. Distinguish between waste and useful substances carried in the blood and know which are to be deposited where. To claim that blood cells acquired their ability to distinguish. If there exists any mismanagement in these systems humans won’t survive. If there is no god then who designed this complex system with this much perfection? Is this also a coincidence?

Carefully protected in the cell nucleus, the information hidden inside DNA, controls the thousands of different events that take place in the human cells and the functioning of its systems, as well as all physical features, from the color of a person’s skin and hair to his or her height. DNA replication is one of the most important processes that occur within a cell. It needs to occur because existing cells divide to produce new cells.

So, the DNA needs to be copied before cell division. So that each cell receives a full set of instructions. DNA can only be copied with the assistance of enzymes in the protein structure. To reiterate, you cannot make new DNA without proteins but you also cannot and make new proteins without DNA. This means that the protein and DNA are mutually dependent. It is impossible to have one without the other. If it is not already absurd to believe DNA originated by a coincidence, it is even more illogical to state that proteins and DNA arose spontaneously in the same place at the same time. And so, one must conclude that life could never, in fact, have originated by chemical means. These systems cannot be created without a creator then how an atheist and agnostic can claim that there is no god. What do they think then? Are these complex systems created themselves? Or it’s merely a coincidence? How can billions of humans can be created coincidently? It’s completely absurd. Who can dare to deny the existence of god after this much evidences?

The golden plover is a bird that is famous for its migration. Every year it migrates 4000 km from Alaska to Hawaii. It flies continuously for 88 hours across the open sea without stopping, there are no islands and birds cannot swim. A stop for a rest is impossible.

When scientists studied this bird, they calculated that the golden plover requires 88g of fat to complete this journey. However, when the golden plover starts its journey it only has approximately 70g of fat as fuel.

Are you wondering why does it not crash into the sea 800km before it reaches its destination when it should have run out of fuel?

The answer is breathtaking.

Golden plover birds arrange themselves by flying in a V shape as a flock. This way of flying lessens the resistance of air and saves the birds 23% of energy. 6-7grams of additional fat remains when the birds land in Hawaii. The remaining fat is reserved as backup fuel in case winds blow in a contrary direction.

We ask the person who dares to deny God Almighty:

How does the bird know how much fat is necessary to complete its migration?

How does the bird even know the route distance and the specific rate of fuel consumption?

Even more incredibly, how does the bird know the most efficient way to fly in a V shape and as a flock?

This evidence proves that surely there exists a power that created all these systems. Who is supreme? And yes God exists because no one in this whole universe is enough eligible to create these unique creatures. No one has the power to challenge the existence of God. no one can claim the existence of god because god has created billions of species which science has not discovered yet.

Now here another question arises; how many gods are there?

In many religions, there is the concept of more than one god. But in reality, there exist only one god is superior to us. Because if there would be one more than God then all systems of the universe would get disturbed and many conflicts might arise because everyone wants to impose their laws and policies the universe would also seem like the so-called democratic govt. of Pakistan.

So it’s clear from the above discussion that there is only one God who created this whole universe and its beings.

Now the one more question? Who is that God? Is he ALLAH? Bhagwan? Jesus? Krishna? Who is?

Now let’s consider the Holy books of some religions

Geeta; the holy book in Hinduism, there are a lot of changes in that book even they are not sure themselves who is their god. They worship the cow? Is cow is eligible to design human faces? Or those idols; to whom they worship are capable of doing so?

Then bible; holy book of Christians who believe in Jesus who is also the prophet of Allah Almighty but they consider him the son of the god (Maaz Allah)

Quran; the holy book of Muslims the book which was revealed of Hazrat Muhammad ? 1400 years ago is unchanged.

“Indeed, it is We who sent down the Quran and indeed, We will be its guardian.”

For Muslims, this verse of promise from Allah is enough to know that He will indeed protect the Quran from any errors and changes over time.

Quran has told those things about our lives that science is proving now in the 21st century. Who created the Quran with such perfection? Arabs were not even able to create a single verse of it then who created 6666 verses of the Quran?

Who created Allah? If someone has created Allah then there would be more powerful beings in this universe? Then who created that being????

ALLAH is ever-lasting [2:255],

No one is the originator of Allah [112:3].

Another possibility is Allah created himself? This is completely absurd – this is like stating, “My mother gave birth to herself” This we all know is quite impossible – one cannot be in a state of existence and non-existence at the same time – these two states are completely mutually exclusive.

Now the last possibility that Allah always existed he is the only logical stance when it comes to the existence of God

Now just because, we of our limited nature, cannot comprehend how Allah has always existed we just have to accept that Allah has.

Allah tells us that he is Al- Awwal (The first) and what comes before 1? Zero; right? So nothing comes before Allah but Allah is the first (and only) being who was always in existence. Allah was even before “before” – Allah is not limited to time, Allah created time! Subhan Allah!

“Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One

Allah, the Eternal Refuge.

He neither begets nor is born,

Nor is there to Him any equivalent.”

(Surah Ikhlaas)

This also implies that Allah is completely independent, needless and self-sovereign in every respect.

Allah is Samad (112:2)

Samad means something that has no need and dependency while needed by and depended upon by everything else.


This above discussion proves that there exists a being who created complex systems of universe 

The being who is the cause of this universe who created human beings who are so organized and all the mechanisms including DNA, respiratory system, nervous systems, etc. all shows the existence of God. The one who gave sense not only to humans but also to animals, birds and to its every creation the one who gives us internal satisfaction inner peace and the one who is managing all these systems so perfectly. That being is God. And that God is ONE who is Al-Awwal and he is ALLAH he is uncaused and caused everything. No one can deny this fact.

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