Where your job post is located With three sites located

Where your job post is located: With three sites located within Staffordshire, RKW is made up of a logistics firm, warehousing facilities, business support functions and two showrooms.  The functional area where I work is based at the Headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent.


Environmental: transport to and from the workplace good location for locals and commuters – train station is 20 minutes, and dual carriage ways and motor ways are nearby for commuters who live further out of Stoke.

Multi discipline.

Self management.

Company has an experienced and dedicated workforce.

Open floor plan – conversations.

Staff facilities – vending machines, canteen & bistro card 3 drinks a day.

In house workers (photographers, designers copywriters) – saves the company money.

Relaxed atmosphere.

In house studio, showroom – easy access to the marketing department.


Pay – no pay increments for long-term millstones

Lack of recognition for hard work

The company lacks the technology tools to be more efficient – for example, social media scheduling tools for Instagram.

Digital marketing team – as an intern, I’m the only member of the Digital Marketing team this needs to expand if the company wish to grow and improve their digital offering.

No progression opportunities for employees.

Budget – limited spend for social media advertising.


Digital team – Growing department

Personal development – Train employees to develop positive attitudes.

Provide skills training – in-house or through outside training centers.

Opportunities for promotion and internal career advancement

Keep employees feeling their work is more than just a job – boost employee morale

Improve strategic Human Resources planning efforts – interview guide and training manual – e-learning courses offer for employees to potentially learn other areas of the business as a side step into other departments.

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Inconsistent new product lines – affects workflow.

External creative agencies – Agencies like CIC are helpful with relieving heavy workloads from designers, whereas PR Direct specialise in strengthening social media platforms, so outsourcing to them is currently helping to boost an area of marketing that we have recently been lacking. Once we have a strong ongoing presence established through our social media platforms, we will then look to bring this back in-house for our content team to continue to strengthen with their brand knowledge.

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