Where the lemon trees bloom from Massimo / Marco Carlotto / Videtta Review

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Italienfan I was really on the thriller by Massimo Carlotto and Marco Videtta happy (original title: “ Nordest <").

The contents of the first third, I felt as atmospheric and content full of traditional Italian clichés: Two privileged families of the Avvocato Antonio Visentin and the Contessa Selvaggia Calchi Renier are presented. They take advantage of their position to obtain for themselves profits and benefits. Her two sons love Giovanna Barovier. Filippo, the son of the Contessa, had an affair with Giovanna, and he still loves her. but she becomes engaged to Francesco, son of Avvocato. On the eve of her wedding with Francesco she is murdered

In the village and in the families much in disarray, and so runs the search for Giovanna’s murderer in all directions. Crime drug and prostitute milieu, one of Giovanna uncovered toxic waste scandal (the Camorra is in business with), corruption, xenophobia, globalization (the Chinese are coming, companies should be outsourced to Romania) – all this and more pack the authors in her book. Would be less been back?

a missing person reappears as a complete surprise, the novel gets momentum, and new themes that can serve to investigate the murder case, come to the fore.

The author duo drew a shabby, dirty image of Italy with his book. Nowhere in it I can find my own frequently experienced impressions of a not quite so hopelessly depraved country.

Overall, this book is worth reading, but in my opinion it is more of a socially critical novel as a thriller. Anyway, crime fans should their expectations of a riveting, action-packed thriller not put too high.

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