When it comes to recruiting there is one name which most of

When it comes to recruiting, there is one name which most of the people including myself can rely and trust upon, and that’s ‘LINKEDIN’. “Recruitment simply means enlisting new members to join a group” (Lybrand, 2018). Yes indeed, in simpler words recruiting does imply the same. Have you ever wondered, what it takes to recruit on such a large scale? When it comes to recruiting, LinkedIn doesn’t consider caste, creed, religion, age, gender or background. According to the case study Hr 41-A, LinkedIn and modern recruiting, it portrayed how LinkedIn went from scratch to where it is today.

Just within a sum of 4 years its contributors went from 700 to 6000. If you look at the pie chart of generalizability, the jobs were mutually divided into sales and marketing and engineering while the rest were divided amongst the other sectors. LinkedIn as a company believes in enduring in new talent and go globally in the process of hiring new employees around the globe.

Having said this, to run such a massive talent hunt only in one sector or in a particular area it would be very difficult. That’s one of the reasons, LinkedIn goes the above mile to hire new employees. When we talk about Canada, laws especially in terms of recruitment are very strict. Without any discriminations all humans are meant to be treated equally and so does Canada as a country and LinkedIn as a company also strive on. Utility refers to “usefulness or employment a consumer can get from a good or service” (CHAPPELOW, n.

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d.).There are many products which are served by LinkedIn, which are Job Slot, Sponsored Job, Talent Direct InMail Campaign, Recruitment Ads, etc. which enables members to publish, discover and consume relevant professional content at a global scale. If we look at LinkedIn’s 2nd core value, they believe in the fact that relationships do matter. Whichever field you yield from, LinkedIn treats everyone the same and matches jobs based on their qualifications and utilizations. In terms of legality, LinkedIn always looks at a way to stay with its legal boundaries especially while hiring. Now with the strict Canadian laws into action especially on one important law that ‘employers can’t discriminate theirs or any employees based on caste, creed, gender, religion or whatever background they come from. Keeping this in mind, the company must be within its legal aspect and generalize its job hunt. LinkedIn has done an outstanding job in hiring employees from all categories rather than only focusing or limiting just to specific areas of talent.

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