The World of Video Games

The following example essay on “The world of video games” talks about personal gaming experience, creating games, developing characters and worlds.

When I was younger, I used to throw myself into the world of video games. I was immersed in the world of characters, such as Ratchet and Clank, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. The fact that a group of people have the same drive and passion can make something so incredible and entertaining has always amazed and intrigued me.

This gave me a sense of motivation and I wanted to make my own games and creating character and worlds of my own. I wanted to create a diversion from the ordinary mainly because it would give me a sense of accomplishment and freedom. The only way I saw my creations come to life is by drawing. This is when I noticed that my creativeness with drawing particularly biro drawing is one of my strongest qualities as an artist.

As the years went by more characters and ideas started to form.

I have always had a great understanding of what works well proportionately, visually, lighting and shading, contrast and positioning. My interest in art and video games has always kept my mind open to new ideas. Drawing is my speciality, however, 3D modelling now also plays an important part in my creativity. During my studies I was introduced to 3D modelling, this has led me to be more confident, more proficient and more productive.

My greatest enjoinment has been using my spare time making concept art and improving on it.

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Whether it was a doodle I saw from Doctor Who or a video game from a young age I have always had the drive to improve more in my drawings.

To make a successful piece of concept art can only be accomplished by drawing or producing a digital drawing. To make my best work, it comes through being focused on the job at hand, always having the drive to improve my skill and produce my best work. My skill for creating gives me the ability to make anything visual and bring my greatest ideas to life, no matter how obscure or challenging they may be. When I began to really focus on my drawing, I realised the potential I had and wanted to turn this natural talent into something more, something I could find a career in. So, I developed my drawing technique by drawing people in different positions, under different lighting and in different environments, making sure all proportions were right, nothing was too small or too big.

This took a lot of time until I could draw a person or an environment with the right scale, without having to keep changing and redrawing in lines and now not only can I draw well but I can draw quicker yet still keeping the level of skill and detail in my drawing for my game.

I found through my research that to create something through game art means not just drawing but letting your ideas work across multiple mediums. Even including the editing aspect on Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, two programs I was not very good at when I was in high school but now that I am at college, I have a deep understanding of it. The more I draw, the more I add to my extensive imagination which keeps expanding. New ideas, characters and even stories are things that come to me constantly and I waste no time getting them down onto paper.

I have created a portfolio of my work, showing my drawings and paintings. I have used my free time to view tutorials, not only on how to be a better illustrator but also demonstrations on different programs, so as to widen my skill range.

I have also gained skills when it comes to working to a brief through my game design course, as it has helped me understand the demographics of each person or age range has. Meaning I know how to manipulate a piece of work so that it’s what a target audience wants. Even though art in video games is about being creative, studying very academic subjects such as Psychology and Physics has helped me become a better learner. Due to Physics being very difficult I have had to improve my researching skills, concentration and independent learning, all of which helps me in any task no matter the criteria.

My goal is to develop my drawing skills further and learn more in-depth about the numerous techniques that can be learnt. Taking this course will increase the variation of my work through 3D modelling, digital drawing and visual software. I’m looking forward to learning with other students and gaining skills and ideas from them. I have great interpersonal and communication skills that I have gained from my youth camp I taken part of that had boosted my confidence. Personally, I also believe you can’t become a great artist without knowing people as its one of the main jobs where you need to know what the people want.

Since I was a child my ultimate target has been to work at Naughty Dog, a target that I believe I can achieve. That’s where my inspiration started and thats where I want to be, not only would this be my dream job but it will also be a job that allows me to be independent, have freedom and do what I love doing. The next step for me is to study game design at university. Something I am extremely excited about as it gives me the chance to focus completely on creating, improving my artistic skill, and my personal confidence which will propel me forward with the right knowledge and experience to the career I want.

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