When a pool party turns into a day with enough rain to

When a pool party turns into a day with enough rain to fill a pool you have to make the best of it.

I had been gazing out the window humming to a pop song on the radio when I saw the first water droplet hit the window. Unlike many of my other friends, I had always enjoyed the rain. So as they complained about how the community pool would close if it rained any harder, I took pleasure in the sound of drops tapping on top of the car.

Soon after their bickering on how long the pool would be closed for had died down the rain began to pound in a much less pleasant manner but it was still oddly calming to me. Suddenly, the strike of electricity made a fracture in the sky in front of us. The beam of light projected itself onto the car as my friends watched in half horror, half amazement. Not long after a roaring thunder crashed around us stealing away any of the amazement left in their eyes.

Looking out the windshield required you to strain your eyes to just barely see the car in front of you. We came to the conclusion that we would have to stop for the safety of us and those around us. As we pulled into a deserted parking lot I continued to watch the droplets of rain pour down my window with satisfaction. I then had a realization that not all of my friends were as opposed to the rain as I had previously thought.

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In the back seat on the far left, there sat Aimee looking as pleased with the sudden outburst of showers as I was. Not a second after I had recognized the familiar feeling on my friend’s face she questioned her mother, “Can we get out of the car?”I watched her mother’s eyes through the rear view mirror as she gave her daughter an examining look trying to figure out why in the world would she want to do that. I then look back to Aimee and see the pleading look in her eyes when she realizes her mother might not agree to this sudden revelation. This is when I chirp in “We’ll have to change out of these clothes soon anyway.” After I had added my thoughts to the conversation I glanced over at Aimee who now had a sort of relieved look on her face and just the sight of it gave me the same feeling. I didn’t realize how important Mrs. Grace’s answer was to me until I saw that look, and if Aimee thought it would be a yes then why shouldn’t I? After everyone else agreed that they weren’t going out into the downpour of water either because they didn’t want to ruin their makeup or stain their new romper or even just because they didn’t want to get soaked Mrs. Grace decided Aimee and I could get out of the car and dance under the rain. Both Aimee and I stepped out of the car and into showers of water falling from the sky. I felt anything but sullen in this moment. The feeling of water droplets trickling down my skin as we leaped and spun was breathtaking. You could still hear the faint melody of radio music as we twirled across the cement. I felt free in this moment. It felt like no one could stop me, ever. But as they say, all good things must come to an end, and so this one did.

I will never forget the stunning feeling I felt that day in the rain. The flood of water was one of the most beautiful, yet tragic things I’ve ever seen.

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