Your own comprehensive definition of PRA)Public relations is a strategic communication process that aims to help organisations and

its internal and external stakeholders as well as the broader community to build mutually

beneficial relationships, understanding, acceptance and co -ordination. PR keeps

management up to date with public opinions. It also ensures a long -term positive

relationship between an organisation and its stakeholders and shareholders.

Discussion of the different benefits and uses of PR for organisationsB)Public relations has many beneficial uses for organisations.

To name a few:>Effective public relations, by generating new leads, can improve business outcomes. Eg, making your company more visible to prospects.>PR increases a company’s credibility as a stable and potentially profitable investment


>PR is a strategic communication process that recruits talent within a business and

increases a business’s profile.

>PR can boost employee morale and improve retention.>PR is cost effective in a business.>PR is a strategy that produces clarity about a company’s key messages and brand identity.

Explanation of how organisations can use key communication tools to further their

PR goals

C)When Organisations use key communication tools to further the PR goals: they create,

maintain and protect the organisation’s reputation, enhance its prestige and present a

favorable image.

Positive attitudes and behaviors towards businesses are created that will help convert

interested consumers into customers.

Organisations can use key communications tools to further their PR goals by:1) Analyzing and researching to identify relevant factors that influence public attitudes

towards the organisation.

Establishing internal and external publications in order to communicate evaluated

strategies and tactics as well as the overall success of the business.

2)Outlining strategies and tactics. Using knowledge of the target market and its own

established policies, the organisation develops specific programs to achieve the

desired objectives.

3)Actual communication with the targeted public. The organization employs specific

public relation techniques, eg: press conferences/ special events,

1)to reach the intended audience.The organisation receives feedback from its public’s. The organisation then assesses

the program and makes necessary adjustments.

4)MEDIA RELATIONS:Ensures positive relations between an organization’s public’s and stakeholders by

circulating messages through media channels to manage how a business is portrayed by

the media.

Eg of a media tool: releasing media statements and fact sheets.PUBLICATIONS:the key responsibility of the PR functions is planning, generating and producing internal

and external publications.

Internal publications = communication to employees Eg: staff newslettersMemos Employee manuals Employee annual reports External publications = communication to external stakeholders and shareholders Eg: newsletters Industry opinions Annual reports CORPORATE IMAGE:The net result of the combined experiences, impressions, beliefs, feelings and knowledge

people have about a company.

This process begins with corporate branding.

What is public relations?

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