What Safety Features Can Be Added to Cars to Cut Down on Injuries When a Car Crash Occurs

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What safety features can be added to cars to cut down on injuries when a car crash occurs? USA has a population of 321 million and according to the association for safe international road travel 37 thousand plus people die due to car accidents and 2.35 million people get injured or impaired due to car crashes. These stats are ridiculous, these crashes cost close to 231 billion a year making it one of the worst cause of death in the US and a real hit on the economy as well.

I want to start off with a feature that might avoid the accident before it happens, one of the features would be the driver needs to connect his or her phone to the car and then the phone doesn’t ring or the driver can’t text or do anything with his phone except use the GPS that is displayed by the car on the wind shield cause the car handles all of that while the car is on drive mode.

Car developers can have an operating system and built in screen projecting it on the wind shield that displays and reads the message on voice commands so the driver doesn’t loose focus from the road and his or her hands are on the wheel, the same with calls. Now focusing on the question, one of the ways cars can be safer if we can have durable air cushions outside as well, its like an air bag but that launches as you hit the crumple zone.

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That way the car will take less hit and its sort of a bubble that protects that car even more. Just imagine a hovercraft, there’s a tube of air that protects the propellers and it pushes what ever hits it. This way even if the crash is worse the car will be in one piece because the strong material air cushion has been launched all around the car and possibly on the roof of the car if the car goes airborne.

Another feature can be the stirring wheel itself launches into a padding that way the person driving doesn’t crush his or her knuckles on impact. The way the wheel will launch in softer padding will depend on the car sensors detecting the car is going to crash. Seat belts also cause a lot of injuries and just adding race car style seat belts that have the opening plug in the middle so people can easily remove them and wont hurt their neck or hold them down incase the car has flipped. A Harvard study found that 23 percent of deaths in car accident are due to the seat belt, some cases where the driver couldn’t escape the car as the car engulfed in flames. So just a better seat belt system can reduce injuries and potentially save peoples lives. These three feature will significantly reduce injuries and deaths in many scenarios as well, Even though from 2.3 million injured 37 thousand die annually in the US alone. That number isn’t small and for few thousand and according to my estimates of 4 thousand dollars for the features I discussed above any car can be much safer to be in and with time and new innovations the cost can be driven down significantly.

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