What Lack of Sleep Can Do

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Lack of sleep can cause less focus and awareness in the form of mind-wandering or “daydreaming”. From day-to-day life, it seems that sleep deprivation is an increasing commonality that many people share across a wide spectrum of population and age groups, especially in modern cities. This is mentioned in an article from the Journal of Experimental Psychology, “Sleepless night, restless mind: Effects of sleep deprivation on mind wandering. It is brought to question and tested that perhaps that there is an extended attention deficiency through a sleep-deprived state is brought by unrelated thoughts or daydreaming pulling attention away from the focus of a person.

In their study where both rested, and rest-deprived people were both given high-load visual task and low-load visual task conditions. The summary of the findings is that well-rested subjects experienced less day-dreaming and are also more aware of when they are day-dreaming while the sleep-deprived subjects experience day-dreaming more often and were less aware when they were distracted from the task at hand during low load testing.

Additionally, their findings showed that the high-load testing it indicated that rested subjects experienced less daydreaming from the rested low load tests and that deprived subjects had no overall difference from the rest-deprived low load subjects. Their research is an essential study that could help push forward the research of low sleep cognitive states.

Delving into the mechanics that drive our behaviors as human beings is important to expand our current understanding and lack thereof of sleep and the main driving force and our dependency on it.

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In the modern age, people are sleeping less and less. Given there are many reasons such as school, work, family responsibilities, etc. We need to understand more of the effects of sleep deprivation and not only the short-term effects but also the long-term effects. The more we understand the cognitive impacts of the lack of sleep the better we can understand how best to take care of our own mental health. This especially garners thoughts for students all over the world.

They need a full night’s rest and is imperative to a stable and meaningful learning platform. This does not only apply to students. Every day there are also adults that operate heavy machinery daily where full focus is essential and pertinent to their own safety and others’ respectable safety. These examples show that a full night’s rest is crucial for everyone. It is also important to find the relation between The article, although very detailed in its research and details of the outcome of the tests does a poor job of expanding on the implications of the research. Unfortunately, there is no mention of any future research. hopefully, the implications of the study could inspire the great collective of research in the field of sleep and consciousness.

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What Lack of Sleep Can Do
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