What Is the Use of Green Buildings

Green buildings influence peoples’ behavior in ways that help bridge the gap between. Not only has the threat of global warming heightened concern for the uncertain state of the natural environment, but the potentially devastating problems of potable water, and the consequences of chemical contamination have made sustainability a priority on the world agenda. People may change their political behavior to support policies that foster a sustainable built environment or even stricter environmental protection. Countries such as Taiwan and Jordan have taken major steps towards implementing water efficient technologies into their green building designs.

Different rating systems have been introduced to establish the degree of accomplishment of environmental goals of the green buildings.

According to Sanjib Moulik (2015) using these water efficient techniques, the precious water can be saved in an economic way so that our future generations don’t face the curse of water scarcity. Oindrila Das’s (2015) research study includes a methodological exploration of how surveys could be used to explore the relationship between green buildings and peoples’ behavior.

Buildings are often designed with a specific intent expressed through that design, such as intent to inspire worship of the divine, or to encourage spontaneous purchasing. Green buildings are designed and built from the designer’s value for energy efficiency and resource conservation. As people begin to realize how inexpensive, efficient, and comfortable a sustainable lifestyle can be by spending time in green buildings, they may begin looking for ways to make their own lifestyle more sustainable. Green buildings introduce people to products that they could easily incorporate into their own life.

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The experience of being in the building will open people’s minds to the possibilities of using other environmentally sustainable products not directly associated with the building, such as cleaning supplies that are not environmentally damaging. Voluntary assessment tools have been created in order to assist the green building concepts. Almost all tools focus on the benefits of sustainable construction affecting positively three sectors: the environment, the economy, and social life. However, a discussion arises by the existence of the variety of green building assessment schemes upon whether a single scheme with a standard set of criteria should be adopted worldwide or local code for each region is more suitable. Consequently the adaptation of international green building tools to regional conditions bridges the gap between the two options, as it combines the standardised criteria that are proved as the principles of a green building with the local circumstances aiming to the highest energy performance of the building.

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