What is the message of the Rama and Sita story?

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The Ramayana and Sita Sing the Blues The Indian Poem “Ramayana of Valmiki” and the newly adapted animation “Sita Sings the Blues” tell the tale of Rama’s journey to save his kidnapped wife Sita. In each source, Rama and Sita deal with some issues men and women face even today concerning gender roles in relationships as accepted in society. The poem conveys the idea that women are expected to be devoted wives and supporters of their husbands. Whereas, men are expected to be the provider and head of the household making all decisions for the family.

Although being another adaptation contrary to the poem, the animation expresses the idea that a woman should not have to tirelessly prove herself to a man or her husband. Interestingly it would be found there are differentiating Qualities in the character’s behavior between the poem and film. Parallel to the sources, Rama is unexpectedly banished to the forest by his father king Dasaratha on the eve of his coronation.

Rama acting upon his religious belief in Dharma a spiritual concept of right and wrong did not question his father’s wish and immediately packed to leave for the forest. Along the way, Rama met with his wife Sita to say his goodbyes. Similar to the Animation, in the poem Sita is tormented by this idea and begs Rama to let her come along saying “life without the husband is incomparably superior to life in a palace, or an aerial mansion, or a trip to heaven! I have detailed instructions from my parents on how to conduct myself in Ayodhya! But I shall not stay here.

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”(pg.698). Sita sees separation from her husband to be such a horrible thing that she compares it to being worth less than a trip to heaven. Sita also expresses how she was instructed by her parents on how to conduct herself as a dutiful wife. So in this, she follows Rama to the forest where she believes she should be his wife.

As it follows in the stories Sita is kidnapped by the demon king Ravana and is rescued by Rama. Sadly, upon their arrival home, Rama becomes unsure of Sita’s purity questioning if she’s been touched by Ravana. Sita declares she has not yet Rama dismisses her claims and sets her to a trial by fire where she emerges blamelessly. Later, even though once proven innocent Rama still questioned Sita’s purity resulting in Rama sending Sita away. In contrast to the poem, in the “film Sita Sings the Blues” the director gives the idea that a woman shouldn’t have to prove tirelessly how devoted she is to her husband. In this animated adaptation Sita being carried away from Rama to the forest protests this ill-treatment by Rama through song. Sita sings “you treat me coldly each day of the year, you always scold me Whenever somebody is near dear, it must be great fun for you, can’t you see what you’re doing to me, please tell me why oh why you’re so mean to me”(film). This action by Sita is very different in the film from the poem in that she goes against the traditional rules of being a devout and submissive wife to question Rama about why he is treating her so badly.

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