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What is social media and digital marketing?Digital marketing is Paper

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What is social media and digital marketing?

Digital marketing- is the promotion of product or brands via one or more forms of electronic media, an example of this is, advertising products of brands that might be used as part of the digital marketing strategy of a business could include promotional efforts made via the Internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic billboards based around different cities around the world which will enable the company to get a greater flow of customers. And also could be, as well be promoted via digital and television and radio channels.

Social-Media- Social media is a computer mediated base which enables the users to share and also view people’s social medias for example the likes of Facebook and Instagram enable you to view different people’s profiles friends, celebrities etc. and allows you to follow their everyday life through posts, it enables you to share or exchange information Career ideas, Interests also videos/photos via virtual communities and platforms.

What is market research? Market research is the process of assessing the viability of a new good or service through research conducted directly with the consumer, it is a process of collecting valuable information in order to help find out if there is a market for your proposed product or service, The market research that is done enables the growing entrepreneur’s to make profitable business decisions that will enable their business to grow and pass on the decision that would cause the businesses sales to drop, making good decisions is key just as understanding the customer’s needs in a way that will be the most profitable to the business owner, the key thing in market research is finding out what your customers’ needs are and understand them.

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Raising awareness and affecting perception of need via promotion and advertising

How can digital marketing make people aware of products? How can digital marketing be used to make something appear worthwhile to buy?

The use of digital marketing methods enables the business owner to share their company’s products that are available for purchase the use of methods such as billboard’s, pop up ads etc. is a great method of making people aware of the company’s new products as it will be visible to the public driving past and everyone in a main city centre such as the great times square which beams with e-billboards that show short ads for companies such as coca cola, McDonald and many more companies that have used the times square as their main promoter. The use of times square attracts many new customers as the New York is seen as a great vacation location which enables many new tourists to be attracted by the roaring e-boards that are shouting for attention.


How will a business make the products be available to buy? Mention the transport (how will the goods get there) product placement (think about celebrities using a product on social media.

The business could use social media and create a ecommerce site which will enable the users/customers to buy the products online via the created website by the company for example Adidas have their own website which enables the users to purchase the latest products online instead of visiting the local store.

The websites include celebrities, footballers to promote their products which attracts the attention of the fans of the players, one example of this is Paul Pogba promoting the Adidas football boots, Pogba’s contract with Adidas forces him to use his social media to influence young players and adults to buy the new range of clothes and footwear that is presented on Pogba himself in his social media products e.g. Predator football boots by Adidas


You are to research and analyse the below social media platforms:

Digital Marketing as a business tool e.g. Publishing – blogging and wikis, sharing videos, music, images, discussing, networking – social

Social media types:

Social media sites allow members to keep in touch and allow them to share details of their personal lives with each other. There are many types of social media and many ways in which they can be described as seen by the following descriptions.

Publishing- Many social medias have multiple ways in which then can work in one example of this is blogging sites and wiki pages which are mostly known for word formats where all the users see is text but many people use in in many other ways for example using them to publish artwork, Nature photography music etc. ,for example people create wikis of their favourite artist for example Kanye west someone could create a wiki on him and create a full description on him his music and is personal life just through research on the artist. Wiki enables many other users to add to the artist wiki make and enable others to give feedback e.g. Newspaper companies, Music critiques etc.

Sharing- Images, music, videos, social media enables every user that is registered to share images between each other transfer image between each other an example of this is Facebook messenger which enables the users to communicate with each other through a social media portal which enables the two users or for example a new feature a group chat which in this case multiple people that have been added to the group are able to view each other videos image that have been posted by the given user a multiple way conversation enables each user to contribute in the group chat another way of using messenger is using it as a work group chat where everyone send in their ideas and many other usable information you could use it to post work rotas etc. which will enable the workers to have a deeper insight on when their shift is .

Networking- These sites enable users to make contact with each other e.g. on LinkedIn members can share CV’s and other information about their work skills


Emails are electronic messages that are widely used around the world to enable users to communicate. The message could be presented in basic text form ,but the email also gives you a wide selection of things you can do for example the email enables you to send stuff like images maybe include a link that will enable users to view it from their given destination which is a huge plus for the company as they don’t have to travel to give the instructions the manager can send a link of work to each employee which enables them to see the task that need to be completed, Twitter link and Facebook pages can also be included in the emails.

When used as a part of a business campaign, the emails can be used to tow ways internally or externally and internally. Within the business, sale sheets, tasks can be sent directly to the members of the team while externally customers can receive links, brochures and special offer from company advertisers.

There is also an email marketing tools such as mail chimp that changes the way your market your product, Mail chimp is a simple email marketing software which gives you a variety of options for designing, sending and saving templates of your emails, using mail chimps enables the user to save time instead of sending one email one by one to thousands of users mail chimp enables you to create one email and at once send the email to the thousands of users within seconds will improves the efficiency of the company and makes it able for the owner to get a greater income of users due to the thousands of advertisement emails that are being send to the past/new users.

Landing page optimisation

The landing page is the first page you are redirected to through an external link, there are five main techniques of landing page optimisation.

Three of them are based around the targeting of the audience through the use of data which is usually suppled either directly or indirectly to the user of the site, the people that take care of the site should update the contents page aiming to attract users and aim to make them use the site and be able to purchase something if the site is a ecommerce site.

Associative content targeting: the contents is reinforced by data associated with the general profile of the visitor, e.g., Geographical data about the visitor can be used to provide info and special offers that are limited to the surroundings of where the visitor is based around.

Predictive content targeting: This method is based on information that is already consumed by the visitor, usually examples of this are Previous sales. This information may be held as a cookie on the visitors own computer which will have to be accepted when accessed, or as a profile that has been uploaded as soon as the visitor logs into their pc. The information held about the customer for example previous purchases could be a huge powerful tool, However the one drawback for the websites that sell a range of general products, the range of data held may result in a wide range of suggestions.

Costumer directed targeting:

Costumer detected targeting- is based around general data, a example of this are reviews from customers and others, reviews can be used for the creators to view what the downsides of the pages are, they can state the elements that are not effective which could then allow the creators to view them and then delete the elements from the page, if the item was key in the site but was ineffective the site owner could introduce a new element that could prove to be more efficient than the other.

The two other two methods are based around experimentation where the elements of the sites are being experimented with elements are put in put out based around the user’s opinions:

Closed end experimentation: Users are given a wide range of options from which they can choose from and pick their favourite. Eventually, a final structure is brought in based around the views of many users an example of this is different versions of the landing pages could be used and the one with the highest success rate and best review will be the one that will be used as the final version.

Open end experimentation: in this method, an exact final version is not agreed on, a advantage of this is that with a never ending process the site keeps on developing and everything is up to date, and changes based on the opinion and reviews form users which enable the site to keep improving, there are different versions of the landing page but no assessment is made so no final agreement on a final version takes place.

Pop up and banner ads- Pop-up ads or pop-ups are forms of online advertising on the World Wide Web. A pop-up is a graphical user interface (GUI) display area, usually a small window, that suddenly appears (“pops up”) in the foreground of the visual interface. … Pop-ups can be used to display advertisements.(Sourced from

Advantages of pop ups – One of the biggest advantages of pop ups is the visibility it the first thing users see when they enter a page the pop up a great source of this is the site JD SPORTS where as soon as you enter the page you get struck by the pop up ads that introduce the new products that are brought out that month.

Furthermore, another advantage of pop ups ads is the instant feedback a feedback section as a pop up which the allow the users to quickly interact with the sites customer service sections an example of this type of pop-up is the live chat section that usually pops up in the top right hand corner of each site allowing the live chat section to be super visible an easy to contact the services.

Disadvantages of pop up ads- One of the disadvantages is many see pop up ads as spam when many of them are spread all around a page it could be a big turn off for the users as all they want to do is go on the site maybe purchase something and not be bombarded with constant pop ups that maybe serve no purpose for them. Moreover, another disadvantage of using pop ups as advertisements is that many people use ad blockers which detects any ads that are about to pop up and erases them so the viewer doesn’t have to see it.

SEO(Search engine optimization)- Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results. … Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic. (Sourced from )

Benefits of SEO: Brand awareness is one of the biggest benefits of SEO due to the billions of users using the internet everyday sources such as google yahoo etc. have their own way of advertisements through their search engines which are the search engines let’s use an example if the user types in the letter (Y) in the search engine and many results come up but to get up to the top ranking the browser needs payed for sites like YouTube that usually come up first when typing in the letter (Y) using this the site blast huge awareness around the search engines as many people will see it as the first result when the letter (Y) is typed in to any search engine which again shows SEO is a great source of advertising as I allows the site owners to blare awareness towards the audience.


Paid and organic search results: Organic search is based on unpaid, natural rankings determined by search engine algorithms, and can be optimized with various SEO practices. In contrast, paid search allows you to pay to have your website displayed on the search engine results page when someone types in specific keywords or phrases. (Sourced from )

Advantages of Paid search advertising-

• One of the main advantages of the paid search advertising is that it is highly targeted as users are actively searching for products or services that people sell so if let’s say you pay google a good amount of money to be at the top of the list when for example typing it plastering you could pay for your company’s site to be at the very top of the search results making it more likely for your company to be phoned and used for the job due to the highly visible advertisement.

• One other advantage of the Paid search advertising is the predictability of the paid search advertisements as the system allow you to track the improvements In search results, sales etc. that come from the paid search advertisements you can also set budget limits that track the amount you spend on the advertisements and set a limit that you can’t go over, the system will review the past volumes of users searching for the site and then track the improvements after the advertisements has been set and predicts the increase in volume of users attracted.

Disadvantages of Paid search advertising-

• One disadvantage of the paid search is the complexity of the system the paid search requires stuff like targeting, and optimization strategies that can be used for profitable campaigns. Organizing and strategizing these can take a lot of time and expertise which require more experience technician to take care of organising the advertising system and making a great influence of the flow of the user volume on the search results.

• Furthermore, another big disadvantage of the paid search advertising is the competition due to company’s fighting for the top of the list the costs on the market have driven up, which give the bigger companies with higher budgets a huge advantage over the smaller companies that cannot fight with the bigger companies due to their budget being so small.


1.4 Digital marketing:

Identifying potential customers and markets:

Every time your digital footprints are tracked, every time you visit a location for example been to location A Cinema and eat at location B every digital footprints is tracked a data of about your spending patterns is constructed the data is then used to create a profile of not just you but your friends also.

Social media is then viewed as a huge source of valuable data about our everyday life that is stored after everything that we do and achieve, back in the day this type of data would only be used in businesses that would employee people such as market researchers which will enable businesses to stop people talking on the streets nowadays not only is the data a lot more available but it is also shared between friends and is more likely to be efficient.

Setting short-term and long term goals:

A digital marketing campaign could have numerous goals from short term to long term that is aimed to be achieved in the next couple of months while other may take longer to be achieved.

An example of this could be a customer getting a trial of a video game before actually buying the full version the user gets a prototype like version of the game which end at a certain point so the user is able to play till a certain points and see how the game flows and everything this enables the business to get long-term goal such as long term customers as the customer gets a satisfaction of how the game feel and play which allows them to try the game and then buy the full version which will allow him to access more features this would then lead to a long term effects as the company would then gain more customer and bigger sales due to the users getting a trails run.

Creating a marketing and sales funnel:

The marketing and sales funnel describes the route from the beginning of the initial contact with the member of the public through to the stage where the member of the public gives their email address, or buy the product.

Moreover, the marketing funnel combines together numerous elements that have been discussed into one coordinated process.

There are 3 stages of the funnel.

1. Awareness: This stage is simply the process of making sure the products name is known.

2. The interest: This stage is the measuring of the interest of potential customers which could be measured through the use of social methods such as number of click, likes and views on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. furthermore you could also track the number of clicks on a web banner on the products social media pages.

3. The action: This stage is the process where the customer does what you want an example of this stage is giving an email address or buying a product.

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