What Is GMO and How Important Is It for Us

Genetic engineering needed for the continuous success of human experiments on the planet of the earth, just like the advantage of nitrogen-fixing for more fertile. Some Time GMOs help us face the significant challenges of a world like an increase in the no of people and an unstable climate. “ A genetically modified organism is merely an organism, like every other organism, which produces tens of thousands of proteins, but one or two of them are proteins that were chosen specifically by humans.

Genetic Engineering us for good or evil so that GMO’s must be studied, understood, and controlled. If we live in the US, most of the food products come from GMO produced plants and animals, feed with GMO plans. In 2012 FDA first review alternative salmon to have high was not fed of growth hormone using genetic engineer of a gene from Pacific Ocean salmon and trout fish. GMO products are everywhere in the Us, especially 95% of sugar beets, 88% of corn, and 94% of soybean contain insecticide and herbicide-resistant genes and some crops for human benefit, for example, Vitamin A congaing rice(1), (2).

If we are the most common ingredient about GMOs today means we are talking about the genetically engineered organism, which is also called transgenic plants. In this process, “genes from one species are extracted and fused into the genes of different species” This is called Transgenesis. GMO industry in the US not taken hold until 1994, when FDA approved “Flavr Savr tomatoes” invented by CA Biotech Company, which has a longer shelf life.

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GMO food used for direct consumption or to feed the animals for the production of dairy and meat products or the manufacturing of other products. Foods like soybean, corn, sugar beets, alfalfa, cotton, and canola engineered to resist the herbicide brand known as round-up (1),(4),& (6). The recent technique for GMOs done by using Agrobacterium parasites, one of the reasons for engineered foods attacked so ferociously, is not because of the scientific consequences of their existence.

But the economic and cultural implications of placing so much power our food 2 Supplies into the hands of very few large companies, These companies carefully guard the sales, crop, research, and patent of the GMO products. In recent days most of the restaurants are using GMO products. Still, the consumer realized GMO products, which not produced naturally, and started choosing the products without GMO (1),(5),& (6). “Source: Statistics from Times.com” GMO products corn, soybeans from 8most common GMO crops cultivated in the US, These species modified to resistance against herbicide and pesticides. In this 76 %, 94% soy grown for 93 7 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% GMO % Column1 glyphosate resistance.

Recent studies are non-GMO that glyphosate carcinogenic to humans, so chipotle thought it important to use the no GMO products whenever possible. GMO products also damaging the environment by damaging the beneficial insects and producing strong “Source: USDA.” Herbicide and pesticide-resistant weed also say that it redness the amount of pesticide need for the crop, but according to statistics from Washing State University between 1996-2011, their amount in more than 400 million pounds because of GMO crop (2)&(3). Ethical concerns of GMO products (5) & (6): Ngai��U�}; . The primary concern about GMO products producing diseases and allergies to the food, since the genes from one species to another species transferred using the bacteria, virus. These organism genes may be infused in the food products and cause the disease. Increased resistance to herbicide and pesticide causes environmental damage.

Sometimes they cause resistance to other herbicide due to having other resistance genes. Genes from one kind of plant crop may transfer to the weeds causing cross-pollination. The herbicides damage pots in herbicides resistance sugar beets resistant. It caused food web damage because individual birds depend on the seeds of weed for the food source. Avoiding GMO Products (5) & (6): .Look for non-GMO products on the label, look for brands like organic, whole foods and Trader Joes market. Most Soy, corn and, canola are from GMO crops, so substitute them with oil. Substitute products or beverages contain corn fructose (GMO) syrup with cane sugar. Finally, there is still research going on the ethical concern and effects of the GMO products, but none of them are conclusive so far. Thinking about avoiding GMO products is the first step of positive movement that will affect the GMO technology in the future make them more safe and regulated. As for now, we have to make sure people aware of the ethical effects of GMO products.

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