What is Fabrication in Nanotechnology?

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The field of nanotechnology has achieved great progress recently in many technologies and industries. The fabrication of sensors has been one of the most important industries that have received this remarkable progress. Nanomaterials are the basis of nanotechnology which is measured on the nanoscale. Carbon nanotubes are materials that look like tubes and made up of carbon with a diameter is calculated on a nanometer. Carbon nanotubes are created from graphite sheets. These graphite sheets look like an unbreakable hexagonal structure like a mesh structure and the carbon molecules show at the tops of hexagonal structures.

There are different types of carbon nanotube (CNTs) depending on the number of carbon layers it can be (SWCNTs) which means single-walled carbon nanotubes, (DWCNTs) which means double-walled carbon nanotubes and (MWCNTs) which means multi-walled carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes can be simulated by some methods such as chemical vapor deposition, laser deposition method, and electric arc method. Nanotubes have many different and unique properties such as extreme flexibility and good heat conductivity.

They are also characterized by low density and are chemically inert. These characteristics made the nanotubes play an effective role in the field of electronics and nanotechnology and made them have many applications, including sensing, and water treatment. Nanotubes play a large role in the medical field and facilitate a lot in it as they help in medical diagnosis and review of anti-bacterial and fungal activity and immune recognition as well as the therapeutic effect.

Nanotubes are an unparalleled category of material because of their characteristics which depend on their geometry in addition to their composition.

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It is taken into consideration that the properties and performance of nanotubes are affected by several things, including their diameter, length, and several walls, and are also affected by gravity and the forces of Van der Waals. The unusual thing also about nanotubes is that they can stick together to form bundles or strings. Hence it can be observed that the super nanofibers are fibrous assemblies of the nanotubes but who is this person who inspired the whole world with this great discovery? (Schulz, et al, 2014). Nanotubes are one of the techniques of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the usage of tiny particles of material by themselves or their manipulation to form new materials at nano. The nanoscale is the size of scales from 1nm to 100nm. Nanotechnology has facilitated technology that helps create materials with improved characteristics. Nanotechnology is used in lots of fields for example it is used in the construction industry because it improves the quality of building materials. Nanotechnology is widely used in construction matter such as cement, steel, water treatment, photovoltaic solar cell, nano sand, and pipes. (Pitroda, et al, 2016). Nanotubes are among the nanomaterials on which nanotechnology is based, as nanomaterials have become increasingly important and manufacturing technology has been the most advanced in the world. Nanomaterials have unique properties; including having dimensions less than 100 nanometers, which makes this wide group of materials reach a diverse group. Of electronic, magnetic, and mechanical properties

Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have received important attention in recent years but some nanotubes depend on molybdenum as well as Boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) which are considered structural counterparts of carbon nanotubes.

The important questions here are what are these nanotubes composed of, and what are their characteristics and uses in various life fields such as medicine and pharmacy, agriculture, industry, education, environment, etc.? (Anzar, et al, 2020).

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