What Do you Need to Do to Improve Your Health?

I found an abnormality while examining Tina Jones’s cardiovascular systems. She has a 1 + mild pitting edema on her lower right extremity and the pulse of the right dorsal pedis is hardly detectable. The inflammation may be related to the injury on the base of her foot. Ms. Jones mentioned she had been nonambulatory for 3 days before her arrival at the hospital and could hardly bear weight on her right foot due to severe pain.  One risk factor typically correlated with prolonging immobility is thrombosis of the deep veins (DVT).

Ms. Jones also mentioned she was dressing her wound when the dressing became saturated or when It needed changing before her admission to the hospital. She spoke of the wound as being erythematic, swollen, and painful.

Those symptoms can typically be correlated with DVT. Ambulation is rather significant for Ms.  Jones, as it will not only counteract DVTs but also help lower her Low-density Lipoprotein, which is currently 124 and will also lower her BP and Body mass index which currently puts her in the overweight category.

Since the risk of retaining fluids in her lower extremity is higher due to inactivity, In the case of Ms. Jones, consultation with physical therapy would be sufficient. Encouraging Ms. Jones with exercising, the range of movement will prohibit the formation of DVTs and certain potential coronary heart problems. An educational resource for health promotion that I suggest to Ms. Jones to minimize her risk of cardiovascular disease is routine exercises that will promote good health, wellness, and quality of life (Healthy People 2020).

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Knowing the inhibitors of physical activity is crucial to ensuring that interventions and similar activities are successful in increasing daily exercise patterns.  Healthy Hub provides mobile health assessments that are accessible in some countries, as to Cheong & Butao (2018), in an article published regarding preemptive care. The Hub nursing staff have these mobile health screenings, who go to the communities twice monthly during public functions to have a free health screening, this one-stop test help individuals to learn if they have a healthy lifestyle and what they can do in improving their health. The Hub nurse collects data like Blood Pressure, blood sugar levels, and triglycerides and is recommended to a health care provider at a local clinic for referrals. Before discharge, I’d be providing similar tools for Ms. Jones, so she can continue monitoring her wellbeing.

Speaking to Ms. Jones about health promotion teaching devices, I will first determine her educational level by assessing her readiness to learn. Many individuals are visual learners, while others are audible learners, and some better understand by pamphlets, brochures, handouts, videos, and websites. As per Wilson (2009), resources for patient education have been written at a level that is too advanced for the ordinary person and therefore should be thoroughly examined to determine if they are at the minimum fifth-grade standards.  as a professional nurse caring for Ms. Jones, I must consider the fact that ‘The ability to obtain and understand basic health information for informed decision making is important and pertains to the complex field of health literacy. Health analphabetism serves as a hindrance to providing and receiving information required for healthcare.

An estimated forty-seven percent of Americans people have difficulty understanding intricate health information given by health professionals ‘(Wilson 2009). I will need to evaluate my patient understanding of every instructional resource that I have provided to her. While language is not going to be a concern for Ms. Jones, it will be an issue for people who are not English speakers.   In this particular instance, I will be presenting information in English, the language Ms. Jones understands.

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