Is Creativity Teachable?

Creativity is the use of one’s imagination to innovate an original idea. Po Bronsted and Ashley Merryman argue that the decline of creativity halts the advancement of society. Although Bronsted and Merryman report that creativity has been declining since 1990, lack of creativity should not encourage the idea that more classes solely based on creativity are necessary, which shows that one does not need a class to be creative. Creativity is a quality that should not be taught in a class because people like Steve Jobs were able to contribute innovated technology without needing to learn it.

Jobs shows his use of imagination by creating the Apple software, despite the lack of education, which is why one does not require a class to be taught creativity. If Jobs would have taken a class that taught creativity, his definition of creativity would have been shifted, ultimately affecting the revolution of modern technology. A creative class would have restricted Jobs and limited his ability because he would be following methods being taught to him, rather than using his original ideas.

Classes teaching how to be creative, rather than refining creativity, hurt people more than it helps. The creation of courses that focus on building imaginativeness encourage students to follow a single taught approach to an obstacle, which in turn, impedes the growth of creativity and possibly worsen the current decline. Traditional classes on the other hand, bolsters creativity by allowing students to figure out different methods to solve a problem. Students are required to think and assess information in order to learn the material and share ideas on ways to unravel problems, which is creativity itself as they are able to grasp the subject on their own.

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A class teaching creativity is unnecessary to create since classes taught in today’s society already implement creativity in its practices. Today, classes such as, art, music, and creative writing, incorporate the expression of creativity in the curriculum it offers. These variety of programs and courses establish a firm foundation of creativity within students. However, these classes do not teach the fundamentals of being creative; they grant students the opportunity to develop and foster the growth of their creativity. Taking creativity and isolating it into its own subject simply teach students that having creativity and using it, is a complete separate process and cannot be integrated into other cases. The current approach used is sufficient enough for nurturing the minds of youths, who can efficiently utilize their developed sense of creativity in world advancements.

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