What are the Famous Edible Flowers?

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What are the Famous Edible Flowers?

Chefs found ways in styling their dishes with the help of flowers. It brings the dish colors which can help look with the meal’s presentation and for the person who’ll be eating the dish, it will look appetizing. Aside from that, there is that certain twist to it because we still haven’t gotten used to having flowers in our food and it sometimes catches off guard and surprises us to see petals or an actual flower in our meal.

It’s added to our main dish, to salads, cocktails, teas, juices, cakes, or other kinds of desserts.

Some tips when picking out flowers:

When you want to harvest some flowers, get it done during the morning time since this is the time of the day when the flowers have the highest water content in them which avoids them from easily wilting and withering. Store them in a sealed container and have them refrigerated.

You can have them stored for a week and a time more than that may not be safe to eat anymore.

If the flower you harvested withered, you can revive it by letting it float in iced water for a few minutes. But it would be recommended when you serve the flowers when they’re newly harvested to have them eaten as still fresh and there are no signs of any wilting yet.

Also, when preparing or adding the flower, please make sure to read more about it when you’re not that familiar with it yet.

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There probably be some flowers that need you to remove their styles and stammers which contain pollens inside them because this can cause allergic reactions upon intake. However, other flowers are more delicious when they are eaten as a whole and no part of the flower is to be removed. Examples of flowers that can be eaten as a whole are clovers, pansies, violas, honey-suckle, and a few more to mention.

Important things to remember:

Although, this does not mean that all the flowers that you can see in the garden or the fields are edible. This means that when you want to add some flowers or color to the food you want to serve, you can’t just pick one out from your garden or backyard. Some flowers are poisonous just as there are plants that are toxic and poisonous as well.

There are still current studies that are yet to be conducted for edible flowers. When picking out flowers, please research the kind of flower you will be using and read thoroughly before using it for the meal or before actually eating the flower.

Famous Edible Flowers:

Basils are probably one of the most famous ingredients that are added to food. When the plant has bloomed, the colors of the plant’s leaves changed to a different color that doesn’t look appetizing, as a result, people use the plant’s flowers instead.

You have probably heard about Chamomile tea, it’s the popular drink from chamomile leaves and flowers that are dried to make a tea. It looks like tiny daisies and has a distinct take that’s similar to apples.

Mint plants and all their kinds are okay to eat. Their mint-flavored leaves are not the only edible ones but their flowers as well.

Garlic produces flowers that can be added to salads for a little taste of garlic when eaten but in usual cases, they’re usually harvested when the flower is still a bud yet to bloom because it can be sautéed in butter.

Lavenders are known for their scent as most essential oils have this but did you know that you can eat one too? Lavenders are added to the desserts or 1 flavor kinds of dishes because of their color that makes the meal or dessert look appealing and for its scent as well.

Roses are red, don’t eat the thorns, they can have you dead. For roses, you can only eat the petals and you also have to remove the white stem on the center of the rose because it lets off a bitter taste. Rose petals are usually dried and are added to granolas. These can also be added to green salads.

Dandelions are as sweet as they look and they also have a similar taste of htoey. It’s usually added to photo or rice because of the hint of honey in its taste and its sweetness. All parts of the flowers are edible too!

Arugula has flowers that can be eaten because when the cold season comes, their leaves become spicy and other people do not want spicy food so the chefs or cooks preparing the food uses the flowers of the arugula instead.

There are a lot more flowers to mention but these are the top seven of the most famous flowers that are edible Garlic flowers weren’t something to expect cause who knew garlic produces cute tiny flowers?

Just remember, when preparing an appetizer, meal, dessert, or a drink that uses flowers, please research more about it before adding them.

Flowers do give a unique beauty and taste to the food and this is why more flowers are getting discovered as edible. This is one culinary wonder since having edible flowers boosts the plating appearance of the food, making it more appetizing and appealing to eat.

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