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This year, invites the American Fred Toppler Foundation for the annual house party in a very special ambience: They meet on the Greek Mediterranean island Skios. Only for the lucky ones who can demonstrate an invitation to pass, the barriers open to the foreclosed maximum security unit in which a private company would like to remain at 3000 year-old culture ground below. are expected sophisticated super rich from around the world, oil tycoon from the United States and the United Arab Emirates, oligarchs, a Greek shipping magnate, even a bishop and some scientists.

The highlight of the two-day event is a renowned guest speaker on the program. Nikki, Mrs. Topplers personal assistant, has researched long and negotiated until Dr. Norman Wilfred could undertake finite. The 52-year-old scientist is “Innovation and Governance: the promise of scientometrics” lecture. Nikki has taken a huge burden of organization and responsibility upon himself, but if all goes well, the door to the post of director will certainly be open for them.

takes with a smile at the airport insane chaos and tree-wechsle- you play its course. Protagonist Oliver Fox has always polite effort, but it so no one wanted to believe.

He just leaves the area of ​​the roller blinds, drags his black suitcase with red luggage tag and expects Georgie. He actually wanted to move into the house in the karstic Inseleinöde with Annuka Vos, but has once again broke up with him and put him out. Where the erotic weekend was now planned before, had to spare her, and since Georgie offered to a 10-minutes-Barbe acquaintance.

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But where is she now? No one seems to expect him. For that nameplates are highly stretched everywhere, “Dr. Norman Wilfred.” That sounds good, and “he had to smile.” The attractive Nikki is overjoyed: “It’s him,” and she smiles back …

Michael Frayn’s novel “Welcome to Skios” ( “With a purchase through this link to support my offer – thank you “

mockery and malice, the author covered the better society that has gathered here to be seen to good finish (also curved) stores to lush by the Foundation through donations! vorbeizuhebeln at the Treasury. this weekend all want to have fun, to enjoy a Big Show. who cares who plays the clown or whatever his name? names are smoke and mirrors. they fall for the charming imposter Oliver Fox.

Few know it, but a say blase – this “art” they dominate the illustrious guests Fox questions about his scientific publications “If one of the theta function of Wexler distribution assigns a value between seven and ten, provided.. , Lam BDA is negative and greater than Mu Phi, then will result in a solution that comes remarkably close Theobalds constant. My question is: How Near exactly “-” As close as a flea a dog “answered Fox aka Dr. Wilfred

Quick Fox has in his role as Dr.. Norman Wilfred quartered. Even as he sits across from the embarrassment alive, he is not afraid, makes no attempt to escape the predicament.

Meanwhile, Dr. Norman Wilfred (the real) at the airport resigned has come that his luggage lost obviously, because on the moving belt attracts only a black suitcase with the name “Annuka Vos” on the red leather pendant his rounds. now he has only hand luggage, in his repeatedly held lecture. waiting in the hall lonely taxi drivers Spiros and turns hopefully to the last remaining passenger: “Phoksoliva? ? Euphoksoliva “Whatever he mean like – the professor will be placed to its destination, and engaged to driving Spiros” Phoksoliva “in the desert, where” Phoksoliva “should be run …

The luxury hotel (the wrong) the scientist (the real) will soon unexpected services (real) provided. even Georgie is now on site. They had missed their flight and put the machine the next day. taxi drivers Stavros, Spiros’ brother, also inquires and then also to bring with her to “Phoksoliva?” them into the desert. There, finally found Georgie (the real one) and Fox Oliver (the wrong) in the love nest, and that can not go well …

< p> So the misunderstanding and confusion continue and explode in a chain reaction Impetuous situations. No one knows where, who, how, what, why, why, why, and you are me and I am you. Or is it somehow different. ..

Oliver Fox is no more Licher impostor. He’s an innocent guilty that have become life artist and heartthrob, free of intent or bad faith. The entire audience he explains truthfully and seriously who he is, and yet only sparked a hilarious play with identities, fireworks funny replicas ( “I am George Washington.” – “I am a crayfish.”). All romp with laughter and enthusiasm for Dr. Norman Wilfred. If they (Fox) then impose his patronage, presidential and executive position in such a way to be able merely to adorn himself with borrowed laurels and to present a doctorate, you have to then not see him that he yields to the enticing dollar sums?

After two afternoons of reading fun, unfortunately, is over. In reading, I often could not help but imagine me as author Michael Frayn sends his characters on stage as they stand next to each other or past each other without the other perceive how they walk in through the door, through the other out. In between rattle the taxis of Spiros-and-Stavros brothers, and again we hear their question: “Phoksoliva”

By the way, if you are looking for the small Greek island Skios on Google Maps, do not be surprised about the red flags: She’s sold – certainly a bargain … born

Michael Frayn, 1933 in London, is one of many literary awards excellent English author. As a playwright and translator (among others by Chekhov) he has made an international name. 2004 he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for his treatment of significant events of German history.

This book I have on the list Zu my 20 Lieblingsbüchern”

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