We were planning this out for months Today was the day we'd

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We were planning this out for months! Today was the day we’d be going parasailing. It was three families together, and four of us kids. All four of us were exhilarated to go on the boat, we had no clue what parasailing was. I was scared at one point but still decided to give it a try. It was a pretty long car ride, my brother and me fighting in the back, while my parents enjoying the long ride. Pretty sure at one point they were fed up with us.

It was at least a two-three hour drive, but it was worth it. Once I stepped foot onto the dock, it was the fresh smell of brackish water and the intense wind blowing my hair everywhere.

“Finally, we’d made it to our destination” I said while getting out of the car, stretching my legs. When I set foot on the dock, the first thing I noticed were many sailors getting on and off their boats.

There were people on their jet ski or climbing their way into a boat. When we got there, our parents decided to go on the jet-skis and that was one hour long, that meant we had one hour to spare. “Let’s go to the beach!” my best friend exclaimed as we walked around the harbor.

“No, let’s get something to eat,” another said. And it kept going back and forth until we finally came to the decision to just do both.

After we ate, we headed to the beach and had a blast.

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We were playing in the sand, some of us getting soaked in water, and before we knew it, it was time to head back to the dock!

We boarded the small ship, excited to see the adventure ahead. We listened to all the instructions given, listening carefully and making sure nothing was missed. Since this was automated, I just hoped that I could remember everything carefully and not screw anything up. When we were all settled in, the boat began to move and that’s when the real horror started. The instructor hadn’t given us any lifejackets, and I’m pretty sure any of us barely knew how to swim. As we began to move, the blood through my veins was rushing through my entire body as you’d never believe it. It wasn’t all a bad feeling, but it wasn’t a good one either. We were going at the speed of lightning making our way towards the ocean filled with the most dangerous stuff. All I could think about was “Please! God save us…”

When we finally reached the destination, I started panicking so much. “What if I fall down”, “What if I get stuck up there?” All these questions ran through my mind, questioning whether I should even go up there now. While I was over here rethinking my decisions, there were others who even started crying. “No! C’mon I don’t want to go anymore” said one of them.

“It’ll be fun” our parents reassured us.

“No! I am not going up there. What if I die!” And it went on and on. Us arguing with each other, when I finally decided to give it a try. I dragged my best friend up there with me, and I did the right thing. As we got buckled, my hands were trembling for the launch. I still couldn’t believe I had gotten this far. As we launched away from the boat, it was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had! As the sound of the boat slowly drifted away, the higher I kept on going, the full view of the ocean and the coastline was breathtaking. We stayed up for about ten-twenty minutes, and it was one of the best minutes ever! It was the most relaxing feeling, floating over the ocean, seeing the beautiful view from up top as if I were a bird. Soaring above the sky made me feel like I could do anything. Like anything was possible!

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