we're gonna talk like SAS barkingand 17 tactics then you can add

we’re gonna talk like SAS barking

and 17 tactics then you can add to your

strategy to market and grow your SAS

business this is a conversation I have

way too many times with founders other

SAS marketers so I figured I record a

video that shares the 17 things I

recommend for SAS companies to actually

grow their business no particular order

but these are 17 tactics you can you can

add or choose to add to to your

marketing arsenal alright let’s jump

into it number one free tools or

educational content think 10x content

Mel shake you’ve seen our masterclass

our playbook we’ve got a couple other

guides coming out we have a new tool

that’s like an email analyzer but those

are all great things now put in the hub

spot example their website grader you

know Neil Patel has tons of guides and

ranks for pretty much every freaking

digital marketing keyword I’m coming for

your nail anyways um so free content or

free educational material and free tools

are great because they provide a lot of

value and then you can get emails and

really build up that audience from there

get rankings and have an evergreen

traffic source that generate revenue

number two have a free trial on your SAS

product yep not really a marketing thing

but free trial users versus paid much

higher so paid you might you know have a

higher friction point early on not going

to get as many email addresses one thing

you can do is check out the mail shake

signup flow and we have a 2-step signup

flow where we don’t technically have a

free trial it’s paid but we can capture

email addresses and now we treat it as

an abandoned cart sequence so that’s

another way but ultimately if you’re new

or you want to build up momentum or

really want to go after a competitor

give up make it your business or product

a free trial you’re gonna get a lot more

awareness a lot more people through the

door and if you’re early you can get a

lot that a lot of the early feedback and

and and customer development and product

feedback so definitely do that number

three and I said this before but

identify your ideal customers identify

who the heck you’re selling to what this

will do is two things it will help you 1

find out where they are and

and make sure your marketing actually

goes after them too many times you’re

like I want to sell I want to market my

business I’m gonna do it this way this

way that way but you don’t really figure

out and sit down to like what is the

actual who is the actual customer where

are they going how can I get them and

when you do this make sure you

understand what their problems are I

said this before but you can create

content all around the top problems and

cross-reference that with SEO you can

get some real or keyword research and

you get some really good SEO juice out

of it but doing that is it’s a huge

thing you don’t think it’s gonna grow

your business but it’s probably the

basics like the fundamental to grow your

business number four speaking of

fundamentals lay the inbound marketing

and SEO and content marketing which is

what I call inbound marketing

foundational efforts so find out the

keywords is it is a blog post you need

to keep blogging one this is gonna help

pay dividends in a year from now two

years from now five years from now this

is what’s gonna help you drive ongoing

traffic it may have very little impact

in the first six months of your business

but it’s definitely one of the core

channels and how you can grow your SAS

company so don’t forget about that and I

can tell you I’m kicking my butt at

kicking my butt every day for not going

even earlier into creating content and

that foundational efforts because those

who did got the advantage and it only

gets harder and harder as there’s more

competitors more content that’s already

good and people who are willing to do

more work thing

number five add a call to action to the

top of your blog and maybe even remove

your top navigation but or email opt-in

to your blog so aggressively collect

email addresses from your blog don’t

just create content and whatever you do

don’t be like every other freaking dumb

founder or SAS marketer and create a

create a create your blog on media

create a freakin WordPress or whatever

blog hosts it on your domain so now you

can do pop-up sumo optinmonster whatever

you use as a tool but you can then

collect email addresses and control the

experience because medium cares about

medium although it looks like a very

very sexy platform very simplistic folks

in the content it really screws you on

the call to actions

there’s a tip and a warning there number

six focus on the service part of

software-as-a-service what I mean by

this is customer service customer

success and really about how you can how

you talk to customers in how when they

have a problem the process of which you

go about solving it sounds really really

simple but this is the key to

word-of-mouth growth and too many people

focus on the software side and product

features bells and whistles about what

they can make their the product you

better but if you just helped your

customers actually physically help them

that could be the key difference between

if you had an identical feature set to

your competitor but you just did better

customer support or customer service you

can get more traction so don’t forget

about that don’t forget about the human

element of software as a service all


speaking of forgetting about things

don’t forget your product is the

marketing people using your product

having a great experience will generate

word-of-mouth in fact maybe there’s

places to test test out a referral

program test out maybe people sharing it

maybe people giving you feedback these

are all great things to do or maybe you

take you look at your power users of

your product and you engage them to

essentially maybe write a case study or

you ask them how they’re using it you

know who they are get to really know

them and I talked about customer

development earlier on but maybe that’s

gonna how you’re going to get more

details but ultimately your product if

you’re running a SAS business your

product is the marketing if for male

shake for voila Norbert I could speak to

those because I’m very much in the weeds

on that if I just turned off all

marketing we would continue to grow now

won’t be as fast why is that the case

because most of our over 50% of our new

customers and revenue comes from word of

mouth you can’t first of all you can’t

steal that away from anybody number two

it came from just having a really good

product with great UX and and you know

winning on price and a few other things

but ultimately your product is the

marketing don’t forget about that

another great tactic is to publish maybe

an industry report

foresters done a great job at this I

know yes they are a public you know a

report type company but ultimately you

can follow that same playbook

maybe it’s an annual update on on what

whatever it is on an industry update on

SAS or an industry up to them whatever

your industry is those things can be

become one ongoing things that you do

and help you build awareness but to its

this is a great reason to maybe reach

out to all of the all the organizations

that conferences the events and maybe to

get them to essentially push your

content your industry report out to

their email list or or their member so

double-whammy there and now you get in

front of their members and essentially

there we’re really aware of you and

you’ve got a really target group of

customers so don’t forget about the

industry report great tactic comparison

pages so your competitor name versus

your company name right if you look at

Google boomerang alternative and you

will see lots of companies ranking for

that so competitor alternative or

competitor versus your company these are

both great essentially allows you to

rank for your competitors brands not

always possible so if I were to create a

Salesforce vs. whatever yeah I probably

can’t rank for the keyword Salesforce

but maybe I can rank for a Salesforce

alternative or maybe there is other CRM

s that have lower competition or less of

a brand that I could go after so do your

research and create a content piece


another great tactic is to head over to

kora and look at and search for your

keywords and you’ll find essentially

based on your keywords people asking

questions on what you know

recommendations for product how to do

this and whatever how to do whatever you

you know you sell and and answer the

questions that have the most highest

views and this way you know you’re more

likely to essentially get more impact in

traffic now you’ll probably see that

there’s a lot of answers so be more

robust than them be helpful don’t push

your product early on maybe you can push

your product or example

some were bought lower in there and get

your friends your network maybe to

output it I’ve seen whole blog posts

uploaded on encore and speaking of blog

post maybe you can republish them on

your blog post an answer a specific

question on Quora so republishing a

content core is a great place to do it

but again in the form of an answer of a

popular question one of my favorite

tactics here is guest post guest post is

great for getting in front of people’s

audiences so you’ll see us do oh you’ve

seen me probably do a ton of guest posts

what I’m doing here is getting my brand

my company in front of a different

audience it’s much easier for me to get

in front of a different audience than it

is for me to build my own in fact it is

the way from all these guest posts are

done to build the my own audience and so

getting in front of other people’s

audience is great now another powerful

feature here or another powerful thing

is if you look for people guest post

opportunities that were they emailed

their content all the content to their

email list now not just you get in front

of the audience or traffic you get in

front of their email list and be top of

mind so really really powerful there and

I would if I were you prioritize the

ones who email their list over just a

regular blog post another awesome tactic

here is Co marketing again leveraging

other people’s brands marketing

partnerships maybe it’s a joint webinar

maybe it’s a deal that you do for for

for people you know for for mail shake

we did a deal with lead fuse lead fuse

has some sort of deal that they offer

from nail shake we’ve got something for

them it’s a win-win for both of our

companies it’s a win-win for our

customers because they provide data we

allow you to send emails using that from

that data we don’t provide data

so again win-win not I cannot our

competitors but they sell to the same

customer so that didn’t start there we

started with a guest post and we did

some more we did a comp you know a

webinar I did a video interview with

Damian one of their co-founders and and

it kind of built upon it so don’t always

start with a product integration start

with maybe a blog post or a video or a

webinar or something like that that can

work well as a starting

point another great thing is live chat

and chat BOTS

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