We Need to Remove Toxins and Radioactive Waste from the Ocean

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Garbage in the ocean forms toxins. These toxins are strong enough to fatally harm people. Near the U.S coast there are fifty thousand dumps for toxic chemicals. Radioactive waste is also dumped into the ocean. There are six submarine reactors, one nuclear icebreaker reactor core, and nuclear fuel in the Kara Sea. Toxins and radioactive waste harm the ecosystem very much. There is a place called the “sink” where there are four hundred different chemicals. We need to remove the toxins and radioactive waste from the ocean or else the ocean ecosystem might collapse.

The water we drink would be more pure if we cleaned the ocean. When we throw garbage into the ocean. That garbage can seep into the layer of ground water under us, from that ground water the garbage can go into rivers and streams. We get our drinking water from those rivers and streams. Therefore we are drinking water with Toxic and Radioactive waste. Eighty percent of garbage in the ocean comes from the streams and rivers where we get our water.

The ocean is spreading diseases such as sinus and ear infection because toxins can mess with how your body functions. Polluted water can also cause inflammation of the stomach. That means we need to clean the garbage from the ocean so we drink safe and healthy water. The ocean is polluted so much there is a patch of trash called the great trash patch.”There were shampoo caps, soap bottles, plastic bags, and fishing floats as far as I could see” says Charlie Moore.

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Also, radioactive and toxic waste cause great damage to our ecosystem. This can harm people very severely, causing fatal side effects.

Also, we need to clean the oceans so there is no garbage left in the ocean. The ocean is going into a bad condition of pollution. Some people say that it will cost to much or we don’t have enough people to clean the ocean, they even say people might not want to find new ways to get rid of garbage. I strongly believe that if the world knew that once the ocean is, clean countries can earn money from the prosperous ocean, or we could tell them the ramifications of throwing garbage into the ocean. Also as long as the government cooperates their scientists would be able to find a way to dispose of trash without harming the environment. I believe that these are strong reasons to stop throwing garbage into the ocean.

Part of the economy in the world relies on the ocean. If the oceans are polluted those oceanic industries will lose money. When the oceanic industries lose money the world will be impacted by the fact that the ocean would be an unsecure region to cultivate our food. The reason they lose money is because the animals left in the ocean are dying. Up to one million seabirds are killed by toxic waste every year. Animals that used to be every where in the ocean are now very hard to find because there are no places for them to live. Fish, shrimp, lobsters, and other aquatic life live in dirty and uninhabitable places. When pollution in the ocean is no more. Plants and animals will thrive in the in the oceans. Then the oceanic economy would sky rocket because there are more animals for the company to catch and sell.

Once we cleanse the ocean of trash and toxins, our world can prosper on the “fat” of the ocean. Also our people will be able to go in the oceans to swim without having to worry about any toxins in the water that might harm their children. We must act now so the ocean can recover and show us it’s true glory and so the biodiversity of the world can recover from a dark period of pollution. I strongly believe that we must not just cleans the ocean but we must also put down laws to prevent future pollution of our beloved ocean.

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