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“Semper Fortis” ( “always strong”) – this is the motto of the English boarding school, to be finally steeled in the Tommy by hardness. No reader will be cold, what the sensitive weakling Bettnässer and nails Kauer by suffers when bullying him his rather goofy classmates with most disgusting methods when the school principal and the most feared teacher beat him and Tormented subsequently to thank needs. How could he dare to tell his parents about it? The fear of further harassment constricted his throat, blocking his every attempt to break out.

Tommy’s only confidante is his older sister Diane, who knows from personal experience what her brother by stands. The very pretty young woman has started an acting career just in London and is able to give him the love that can not show him his unusual elderly parents.

Having become a rising star of the film industry, Diane learns the actor Ray know and brings Tommy, as promised, in a secure existence to Los Angeles.

Here he attended school, often hangs out on the film sets, is proud of its much sought sister learns a Blackfeet know who plays the dangerous stunts for Ray. As a little boy Tommy had their heroes interested and regularly monitors the relevant TV series only Western and – now he has become part of this dream world. At Cal he learns to ride. So he now finds his “luck on the back of a horse”?

On the contrary. The horror has only just begun.

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After Diane and Ray got married, her original love affair is increasingly burdened by violent, noisy quarrels. Ray can not stand that directors and journalists claim that he was unable to continue while Diane celebrating successes. plagued by jealousy, he falls prey to alcohol and other drugs. The situation comes to a head and ends in disaster, is involved in the Tommy.

These vibrations throw Tommy completely off track, and endless therapies it can hardly give support. He married Gina, but traumatized as he is, he can be no life partner. The two split up again, and his son Danny, he learns hardly know. It was not until the age of fifty finds Tommy slowly his inner peace by the Blackfeet Indians working on a documentary project about life and culture. Even his drinking he gets to grips with.

One day he receives an unexpected call from his ex-wife Gina. He learns that Danny was now stationed as a colonel of the US Marines, so an elite force in Iraq, where he had incorrectly responding to a terrorist bombing in a decisive second and shot innocent people. Now he will put before a military court, and he threatened the death penalty. Gina asks Tommy for help.

“The we love most” is a dark novel, which dismisses the reader end up with a bad feeling. Tommy grew at a momentous lie on and long preserve a terrible secret silence needs for many years. Only his adult son Danny opens he is. However, it is not enough to each other to confide the truth – that alone can wash away any of his guilt.

Nicholas Evans was his bestseller “The Horse Whisperer”, who was also a successful movie, famous. As before, the author of nature and wildlife are particularly close, and he weaves these themes and motifs in his latest novel with those of Western, Cowboys.

All four protagonists Indians -. The young Tommy, the hopeful Diane and Ray in the storylines of the past, then, in the storyline of the present, Tommy as an adult involved in the process for his son Danny – are tragic figures with dismal fates. All hiding something from her past, become victims of their lies, pay a high price (especially Diane). The sensitive, subtle narrator takes the reader slowly to the four truths approach, the mental and physical injuries of the figures designed very convincing and logical.

A small drawback, however, has annoyed me. On several pages of the book fill infinity many names of actors, directors and film line by line – hardly read, remember. A bit too much hype around the glamorous Hollywood of the time Gary Cooper and his ilk. But you have to simply fly over.

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