We live in interesting times

The following sample essay on” We live in interesting times”. We talk of self-driving cars. We see websites serve us fascinatingly accurate recommendations. What was once restricted to the realm of sci-fi is no longer fiction but a reality. I read up about technologies and appreciated the scale of it but also realized it is really a mixed bag of simple instructions.

Having said this, I want to introduce myself as Bipin Dharmic Veerlapati. The youngest guy who is so keen about cars in the whole family.

I was intrigued by cars during my childhood days. When I travel in a car sitting in the front seat, Ive always had the pleasure of happiness and joy. Over the years, my interest in cars remained the same.

After many years I got exposed to the exciting world of Computer Science and cars that can be driven themselves without a chauffeur. Ive learned that self-driving cars can happen in the future with help of Computer Science.

With this knowledge, I opted for Computer Science and Engineering as my majors in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, a deemed university in Coimbatore. In my undergraduate studies, I have benefited from the breadth of Amrita School of Engineering’s syllabi content that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Computer Science and a strong conceptual understanding of the same.

I was very unsure the whole time if I would sustain in this branch. But with the help of my friends and inspiring lecturers, I was able to get good grades in my college.

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But this wasnt the end; I wanted to prove my leadership skills. So, I became a Class Representative of our class. As a CR, I listened to the problems of my classmates and conveyed the issues to my professors which helped them teach in a more efficient manner. I got a good appreciation from my class advisor as well as the professors who took disparate courses.

The courses Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming, in my sophomore year, was instrumental in raising my curiosity in the field of Computer Science. I, along with my friends formed a team for a mini project in my third year. We have done a project based on Database Management Systems and Web development. It was called Mini Social Network in DBMS. As a team member, I’ve not only worked in the project, but also inspired my teammates on how successful can we be.

As a middler, I got an opportunity to work in a college tech fest (Anokha) which was conducted once a year in our university. I worked under Hospitality department as one of the co-heads. Anokha was a successful tech fest in that year and in the following year I became one of the heads for the same department. The main objective of this department includes helping students who come to attend various workshops conducted and to provide basic needs while they are in our college.

The last two years have been a thrill ride- Amrita has provided me lay a good foundation in the basics of engineering and Computer Science. In my final year, I worked on a recommendation system which can be used to find the best research papers. The main motto of this system is to give top five research papers based on the users area of interests and his previous publications. The user has to upload his previous publications in a pdf format. Keywords, abstracts are extracted from the pdfs and are stored in a database. After which, other papers are fetched dynamically from DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) using the keywords and abstracts. It compares the users abstracts with retrieved papers abstracts using cosine similarity and gives the best five papers. The user has an option to like or dislike the papers which are sent through mails, based on which the next set of recommendations are given. We have successfully implemented this recommender with the help of our mentors.

I have divided my areas of interests into three. The three interests are DBMS, Data Science and Networks. I would be very eager to work in any of these areas or interrelated areas. In my senior year, I attended for interviews and got a placement offer from a growing organization – Wipro. I have completed my undergraduate in April-2018. I started working in Wipro as a project engineer since May 2018, and currently working under testing. I learned how an organization works and how to handle real-world situations with the help of team leads and managers. One day, while I was working late, a thought came into my mind which said that this is not my cup of tea. I have started thinking about it and got to a conclusion that applying for higher studies is the right idea where I can enhance my skills.

I began to research across the globe on which country will best suit my needs. I have learnt that Canada is a country which provides world class education which is recognized globally where International students can gain valuable education at a minimal fee compared to other countries across the universe. I also grasped that successful completion of a graduate program is a pathway to Canadian permanent residence. As soon as I found out my requirements, I looked into the best universities. I wrote the required examinations in December-2018 and have been shortlisting universities since then.

I forestall to a career where I cannot solely use my educational background to conquer my goals but also make original contributions to my field of interest. I believe that graduate studies would offer me with the opportunities to attend advanced courses and would be the stepping-stone to my career. The Lakehead University suits my research interests because of its advanced academic curriculum. I believe that its the best environment for me to attain my goals while gaining expertise and exposure to a diverse student body and faculty. I believe that no other school provides students with a combination of culture, education and research environment, required for an overall personality development, as offered by your institution.

I would regard my admission to the Lakehead University not only as a great honour but also as a great responsibility and challenge to prove myself.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

High Regards,

Bipin Dharmic Veerlapati.

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We live in interesting times
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