We All Want To Be Healthy

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We all want to be healthy in our life physicality and internally but it is not an easy thing to do for everybody. One of the things that prevent us from being unhealthy is the type of food that we consume. Most of us in the USA don’t put the fortes to eat home-cooked meals we are so busy with our lives that we only focus on work, school, and family. We forget to take care of ourselves and our health so we tend to eat outside food more often It seems very coinvent to just grab something easy and fast like the fast food that we have on every corner of the street.

The food companies make sure their best to make their products food or restaurant as attractive as possible by using bright colors, bold text, and a lot of information.

When we go out to eat we don’t care enough to find out what ingredients we are putting in our body or how many calories we intake.

We just know it’s very tasty and filling, most of the food that are tasty and fast are the unhealthy ones for you. They use any ingredients that make the food tasty even though they know it is not good for our bodies. The food industry or restaurant cooperatives don’t care about what it will do to people health’s. Their focus is only on their income and profit. Food products that are manufactured in food industries provide false nutrients content and mislead.

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When a food company produces a product that contains misleading labels consumers are not receiving complete information about the food they are eating which could cuss health issues. Also, they list a false ingredient on a label to make it sounds good to the consumers, which could have led to a cuss of allergies and problems with diabetes.

The good things are it seems like people are noticing the fact a lot of companies are tricking consumers into believing that their product is the best. So, by law manufacturers must follow the standard code terms of what is put on their food labels. Also, a food and drug administration/ FDA protects the public health by ensuring the safety of people. They focus on food safety to prevent foodborne diseases so they oversee that approval before foods are put on the market for sale, for example, food additives, infant formulas, meat, poultry, and egg products. Another way to figure out what to help your body to be healthy is by using the Nutrition facts label, which is on all packaged foods and beverages. It serves as your guide for making choices that can affect your long-term health like from censers, high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. The nutrition facts label can help you make food choices that are best for your health. It lists out all the guides serving size, the number of calories, percent daily value, and limits these nutrients.

It is very important before purchasing any product that you consume to read the ingredients and the serving label. We often tend to go for tasty food and that is convicting to cook. It is better to take our time to process and prepare our food in a quality and healthy way. That way we have the chance to decrease the health issue we explain-storeerience. We all know they make it hard for us to consume organic and quality food because it is so pricey. The organic product doesn’t tend to stay as fresh-looking as inorganic food because they don’t have chemicals in them. So that can affect the food industry wasting on the profits they are making, so they don’t supply more organic food in store instead they have more GMO foods available.

Overall, we all should be cautious about our health and what we consume in our bodies. It is always best to read your labels to know what ingredients and type of vitamins we intake. Unfortunately, in the USA the manufacturer doesn’t care about people’s health and needs, it is all about business and profiles. They do whatever it takes to connives consumers to make their product worthy to buy using so many mind strategies. So, it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and our bodies to stay away from any kinds of health issues.

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