The Problem of Fundamentalism in India

The following sample essay on “The problem of fundamentalism in India” discusses many issues facing up in the name of religious as Hindu, Muslims, Christians etc. Can mob violence be justified?

We all know that India is called as unity in diversity. But what we say today is very vast different.  They have their own beliefs and rituals that leads to fundamentalism.

Policies correction is Facismpretending to be manner. – George Carnol There have been several alrouties and valunable groups. Public lynching has a trend.

The government says it has no role in it. Of course, it has a responsibility. As far no vigilant groups or radical outfit husband declared guilty of the crime. If law inforces are reluctant to save people from mobs. There is a failure of administration machinery. Lynchings has eroded the right of the light. People are beaten up, women are stripped and assaulted . These horrendous murder are 9nly a symptom of a deeper malaise

Is our conscious dead or our commiseration chilled due to political influence? Mob violance can not be justified at all.

Media is continue to have debates on these issues. Loquacious leaders blame the media for being selectively outrageous. They say you reported X why you chose to be silence, when Y happened. Can lynchings may a topic for debate? Are we able to protect the basic principles of our country? Merelymentianingstatical records can be a response to those ghastly events. When an act of lynching takes place the government machinery must swing into action.

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Investigation must be carried out at right speed.

Unfortunately all such cases are lost in government files that are getting dust. Deliberate inaction on the part of the law enforcement will harm our society into a Facistone. Society turning Fasist is precious. We are not in a nation that celebrates genocide, we are people who mourn on an innocent’s murder. We should never hesitate to condemn such savagery.

When Mahatma Gandhi went on five days fast and called of the Non-Coorperative Movement in 1922. It was to protect the outbreak of violence in Chaurichaura. That show twenty-two police men were burnt to death by the Satyagrahis. Gandhi did not approve of this . This is what he said at the trail

It is impossible for me to dissociate myself from thedaibolical crime of Chaurichaura or the mad outrages of Bombay. I know that my people have sometime gone mad . I am deeply sorry for it and I am, thereforethere to submit not a light penalty but to the highest penalty. I do not ask for Mercy.

This is the legacy of protect we have inherited. Lets us the words of Mahatma Gandhi. Lets not submit it with mere statistical record, mere lips sympathy. Let usunite and speak up. Let us not sacrifice the nation in the name of lynching.

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The Problem of Fundamentalism in India
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